Can’t tell the players without a scorecard

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This is what the battle map of Afghanistan looks like after 20 years of Republicrats managing something they think should be called “foreign policy”. Mostly, our two-party system of phonies behaves like monarchs trying to order peasants about.

No surprises here. Those days have been over for more than a century.

“NoVax Semen will be the Next Bitcoin”

Anti-vax buffoons are reportedly claiming that “unvaccinated semen will be the next Bitcoin”, despite studies suggesting that the vaccine has literally zero impact on your baby juice.

As reported by Vice, anti-vaxers are claiming that their semen will be in “high commodity” in a few months to a year’s time when the rest of us are vaccinated…

In one now-deleted Reddit thread about this, one user claimed that they were “going to retire as a ‘cum cow’”. Another reportedly vowed: “Mark my words that unvaccinated sperm and blood will be in high commodity in a few months to a year.”

Click the link, RTFA, check the results of testing.