“Enlightened by QAnon” he killed his children with a spear gun

Forensic techs work the crime scene in Mexico

A California man confessed to killing his two young children, allegedly telling an FBI investigator he thought they were “going to grow into monsters so he had to kill them”…

Matthew Taylor Coleman, a 40-year-old Santa Barbara surfing school instructor, has been charged with foreign murder of US nationals after allegedly taking his 2-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter into Mexico and killing them…

Stopped for questioning at the US-Mexico border, Coleman allegedly told investigators he shot the children with a spear fishing gun, then hid their bodies…

Coleman spoke to authorities about being “enlightened by QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories,” including that he had visions that his wife “possessed serpent DNA and had passed it onto his children”…

I try to differentiate between ignorant and stupid most of the time. Commiting a crime this evil renders the difference meaningless.

8 thoughts on ““Enlightened by QAnon” he killed his children with a spear gun

  1. Scramsville says:

    “The Patriot Voice, the QAnon event organizer that previously hosted the “Patriot Roundup” in Dallas over Memorial Day Weekend, is hosting a three-day “Patriot Double Down” event at the Caesars Forum convention space near the Las Vegas Strip, with special rates for attendees at hotels owned by Caesars Entertainment.” (Forbes) https://www.forbes.com/sites/suzannerowankelleher/2021/08/20/caesars-entertainment-qanon-las-vegas/?sh=204237381072
    “Patriot Double Down” event website https://thepatriotvoice.us/
    “A study published in May by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found that 23% of Republicans, and 15% of all Americans, say they agree with the baseless QAnon allegation that “the government, media and financial worlds in the U.S. are controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex-trafficking operation.”
    See “Nearly 30% Of Republicans Believe “American Patriots May Have To Resort To Violence” To Save U.S., Study Finds” https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2021/05/27/nearly-30-of-republicans-believe-american-patriots-may-have-to-resort-to-violence-to-save-us-study-finds/?sh=3b077251f91f

  2. Uh-oh says:

    “Former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been on a relentless media tour since his pardon last year, sitting for interviews with even the most obscure right-wing media outlets to promote the MAGA agenda.
    But on Tuesday, Flynn appeared on a little-known YouTube channel called Truth Unveiled TV for a very different reason: rebutting the idea that he led a church congregation in a Satanic ritual borrowed from a nuclear doomsday cult.
    …The bizarre YouTube interview marked Flynn’s latest attempt in a weeks-long campaign to convince his one-time fans in the QAnon conspiracy theory movement that he isn’t a Satanist.
    Prior to the unusual controversy, Flynn had embraced his position as a hero to supporters of QAnon, taking a QAnon oath, raising money from QAnon believers, and selling QAnon T-shirts. In May, Flynn even appeared at a QAnon conference and endorsed the idea of a military coup.
    But QAnon fame is a fickle thing. After promoting QAnon for more than a year, Flynn now finds himself on the business end of the conspiracy theory. Like QAnon targets before him, Flynn is now struggling to persuade angry QAnon believers that he isn’t a secret Satan-worshipper.” https://www.thedailybeast.com/michael-flynn-to-qanon-believers-im-not-a-satanist
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQtfF7HWWZU&t=1088s

  3. Update says:

    “Why QAnon-Obsessed Dad Matthew Taylor Coleman Murdered His Two Young Children” https://allthatsinteresting.com/matthew-taylor-coleman
    “Coleman pleaded not guilty to the charges in federal court on Sept. 29, despite telling an FBI agent he had killed his children to save them — and the world — from their monster DNA as part of his bizarre confession.”
    Criminal Complaint with description of confession: https://www.scribd.com/document/519806019/USA-v-Matthew-Taylor-Coleman-Complaint

  4. Merch says:

    “On the Ground With the QAnon Believers Who Flocked to Dallas for the Grand Return of JFK Jr.
    Though the Kennedy scion failed to appear at Dealey Plaza this afternoon, some are hopeful he might make an appearance at a Rolling Stones concert later” https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/qanon-kennedy-jfk-jr-dealey-plaza-dallas-1251929/
    “…In the end, the crowd shuffled away toward their hotels in downtown Dallas. But some were undeterred. In a Telegram chat dedicated to the event titled RESTORE HUMANITY, one Jeanette Neese made the case for faith.
    “Well, do you have faith in our God or not?” Neese asked rhetorically, in reference to JFK’s notable absence. “I know I do and part of faith is continuing to have it, EVEN WHEN you can’t see. No matter what, I think the majority of us know that something is happening. We can feel it!”

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