4 thoughts on “It’s a family affair…

  1. Mark says:

    Credit where credit is due. Leaving Afghanistan was a bold move by Sleepy Joe and he probably didn’t make many friends by doing it, but it was clearly the RIGHT thing to do. Probably the best and most honest action taken by a ‘Merkin president in a long time. The Republicans completely discombobulated by Joe acting on a Trump policy is hilarious. The corporate Democrats calling the move ‘Trumpian’ equally so.

    It also got the corporate press establishment into a frothing mass of hypocrisy by daring to actually accomplish something good against the grain of corporate interests. Very pleasing.

  2. Pipe dreams says:

    “Government Report: Pentagon Had ‘Willful Disregard’ for Reality in Afghanistan
    A new report from the Special Inspector General of Afghanistan Reconstruction is a damning condemnation of America’s war effort.” https://www.vice.com/en/article/5dba3n/government-report-pentagon-had-willful-disregard-for-reality-in-afghanistan
    “Afghanistan’s Opium Business Boomed Under US Occupation
    The Taliban banned production of the poppy in 2000. After twenty years of war, Afghanistan is now responsible for 82% of the world’s opium supply.” https://www.vice.com/en/article/4av8pg/afghanistans-opium-business-boomed-under-us-occupation

    • Memory hole says:

      “The US Is Removing Records of Its War in Afghanistan From the Internet
      Worried that the Taliban will retaliate against anyone that worked with coalition forces, various agencies are scrubbing the internet of pictures, videos, and reports about the war.” https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7enzb/the-us-is-removing-records-of-its-war-in-afghanistan-from-the-internet
      “…It’s not just American agencies. NATO and members of other Western countries participated in the 20-year-long war in Afghanistan and they too have begun to purge records of the war from the internet. Resolute Support Mission, the NATO led effort to train and support Afghan forces, deleted its Twitter account. NATO has removed some videos from its official YouTube channel.
      …One part of the Department of Defense that houses millions of U.S. military generated images, many of them from Afghanistan, didn’t immediately respond to Motherboard’s request for comment. Military social media accounts also contain images from the conflict.
      Then there’s the archives. Wikipedia and the Internet Archive are vast storehouses of digital records of the war in Afghanistan. Hundreds of NGOs went in and out of the country over the last two decades and kept their own records.”

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