Pentagon has at least $6 Billion leftover in their Afghanistan Budget. Golly! What can we do with it?

The U.S. departure from Afghanistan is leaving the Pentagon with at least $6 billion in unspent funds for the now-defunct Afghan Security Force — and a potential fight over how to spend the money…

“DOD will work with the congressional defense committees to determine the most appropriate use for those funds,” Pentagon spokesman Christopher Sherwood said. One possible route would be submitting to Congress a “reprogramming” request laying out the rationale for shifting the dollars and which programs would get them.

Can you picture the discussion? Between Pentagon Brass Hats and stalwart Congressional defenders of the American Way of burning through money this should be an exercise worthy of a big budget Hollywood comedy-drama. No one in the room would dare propose something as UnAmerican as using some of the money to build and staff schools. That would be beneath their dignity representing the warrior class.