People of conscience spamming Texas informants stalking women

One of the most disturbing aspects of the bill is that it puts bounties on the heads of abortion providers, those who have the procedure, anyone who helps in the process. Texans who report people they believe have violated the law are eligible for a $10,000 payment if they’re convicted…

…Anti-abortion activist group Texas Right to Life, launched a website called that allows anyone to report those they believe have violated the new law…

Thousands of people on social media are fighting back against Texas Right to Life by spamming the site with so many fake tips that it would be impossible to act on any legitimate claims.

There has been a robust discussion on Twitter about the best way to disrupt the whistleblower site. Some are bombarding the tip line with angry messages while others are making requests that appear real to misdirect those who are tasked with investigating potential violators.

Just click the link to get to this fightback article. Read it all. Learn about some of the methods and means folks of conscience and freedom use to respond to these 19th Century nutballs!

Thanks, UrsaRodinia