Why are Conservative foes of Abortion Rights silent about Texas’ crap law?

Mario Tama, Sarah Silberger/Getty

Few political issues inflame passions so much as abortion. The issues of a woman’s right to bodily autonomy (for abortion-rights advocates) and the sanctity of life (for their opponents) are so elemental that scant room exists for compromise, conciliation, or cool analysis.

…Liberal groups have been predictably furious and upset, though they recognize that Democrats who control the White House, the House, and (tenuously) the Senate cannot do much…

But conservatives have been conspicuously silent… across much of the right, reaction to the law, and the Court’s refusal to block it, have been met with either silence or muted approval…

One possibility is that many anti-abortion conservatives understand that their victory this week is tenuous…A second theory is that conservatives understand the law will be unpopular. This is probably true, and to some extent explains the understated reaction on the right. Polls generally find that 60 to 65 percent of Americans oppose overturning Roe v. Wade

For decades…David Frum writes, “opposition to abortion offered Republican politicians a lucrative, no-risk political option.” Many GOP candidates seemed to adopt the position hypocritically, never wanting such rules to apply to their own wives and daughters, but conscious of the power and money of the religious right.

And that’s the reasoning that provides motivation oh-so-often to political creatures. The economic machinery that needs to be greased with sympathetic dollar$ in American politics.

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