Mexico City to replace Columbus statue with indigenous woman statue

Gone but not forgotten…

A statue of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus situated in a prominent position in Mexico City is to be replaced with one of an indigenous woman…

The statue’s former position will be dedicated to a monument that delivers “social justice” regarding the historic role of women in Mexico, particularly those of indigenous origin, Ms Sheinbaum said.

“Of course we recognize Columbus. But there are two visions,” Ms Sheinbaum said, adding that one of these was the European vision of the “discovery of America,” even though civilisations had existed for centuries in Mexico…

At the time, authorities said the statue was removed for restoration work and to allow reflection about Columbus’s legacy.

Obviously, reflection led to decision. One worth endorsing.

2 thoughts on “Mexico City to replace Columbus statue with indigenous woman statue

  1. Footnote says:

    “New analysis of ancient writings suggests that sailors from the Italian hometown of Christopher Columbus knew of America 150 years before its renowned ‘discovery’.
    Transcribing and detailing a circa 1345 document by a Milanese friar, Galvaneus Flamma, Medieval Latin literature expert Professor Paolo Chiesa has made an “astonishing” discovery of an “exceptional” passage referring to an area we know today as North America.
    According to Chiesa, the ancient essay – first discovered in 2013 – suggests that sailors from Genoa were already aware of this land, recognizable as ‘Markland’/ ‘Marckalada’ – mentioned by some Icelandic sources and identified by scholars as part of the Atlantic coast of North America (usually assumed to be Labrador or Newfoundland).”
    Terrae Incognitae [The Journal of the Society for the History of Discoveries]: “Marckalada: The First Mention of America in the Mediterranean Area (c. 1340)”

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