We have our 1st Ivermectin death

Here in New Mexico:

The state’s acting Human Services Secretary David Scrase, MD, said it could take weeks to confirm whether ivermectin was the cause of the person’s death, but that he expects it will be confirmed.

“I’d like people to know, if they’re out there taking it, it can kill them,” Dr. Scrase said.

Officials were also investigating a suspected second case of a patient that is in critical condition after taking the ivermectin — a drug commonly used to treat parasitic worms in animals. The patient was being treated in an intensive care unit at one of the state’s hospitals, Dr. Scrase said.

While ivermectin’s use in humans is FDA-approved at very specific doses for some parasitic worms, as well as some topical formulations for head lice and skin conditions, the drug is not an antiviral. The FDA has warned against using it to treat COVID-19, though some physicians have still prescribed it to treat COVID-19.

No doubt, other states facing the same problem, the same conclusion. Ignorance ain’t the same as stupid. The results can be the same.

15 thoughts on “We have our 1st Ivermectin death

  1. Mark says:

    Sooo. One dickhead *possibly* dies from taking too much of an unprescribed drug. Something that happens all the time with a variety of substances. How on earth is this news worthy, let alone a thing?

    Ivermectin has been proscribed BILLIONS of times for a variety of ailments, is on the WHO essential medicines list and has an outstanding safety profile. The efficacy against covid may have been overstated, and I hold my hand up as guilty here, but its safe when PROSCRIBED by a medical professional so what’s the problem?

    The horse dewormer meme is straight up culture war bollocks, Mr Eiderd. Another faked opportunity for smug liberals to make fun of their political rivals and for the liberal media to try to save a sinking ship. Deplorables MK II. The net effect of this crap will be the orange idiot back in the White House. Congrats.

    Gawd blimey, I need a fucking whiskey.

    • eideard says:

      1st death in our state. Which is in the top ten of vaccinated populations in the U.S.

      Spend some time watching replays of Fox News…the bastion of the Right stateside…and advocates of Ivermectin only because of Trump. We’re averaging 1000/1500 COVID deaths in the GOUSA daily. It’s Trump and Fox who now quite literally own the Republican Party. 95% or more of the deaths are unvaccinated and these fools believe they can skip vaccinating and cure themselves with something that doesn’t even need a prescription. I can drive two miles down our county road the end of my street and get veterinary ivermectin at Tractor Supply over the counter. Do you think these fools have any idea what’s a safe dose for cattle meds ONLY designed to cure parasites like worms and have absolutely NO recommendation from physician or manufacturer as an anti-viral. Redneck states like Oklahoma have ERs and poison control centers at capacity from Ivermectin taking up hospital beds that could be used for people with COVID-19. The US is back at levels matching our previous peaks a year ago and it’s taken till now for the Dems to grow the balls to mandate vaccination.

      Would you try to fix a hacked hard drive by soaking it in carbolic acid from Walmart? :-]

      • Mark says:

        The Oklahoma ER story is total bullshit. The source for the story hadn’t worked at the hospital for two months, the hospital confirmed that no ivermectin overdoses were admitted, and the local police chief called the story nonsense and said that the one recent gunshot patient was treated and released with no issue. Just more culture war fake news that was swallowed hook, line and sinker because it fit this ridiculous and hateful narrative.

        Many physicians are using Ivermectin in their protocol to treat covid, in combination with other meds. Joe Rogan was prescribed Ivermectin in this way by his doctor and it was reported that he took horse de-wormer. Again, more culture war bullshit. Joe got better, of course. Maybe he would have got better anyway. Maybe not.

        Funnily enough, Ivermectin has just been banned in Australia because its an ‘unauthorised treatment’. For fucks sake. What’s wrong with these people? Any treatment that gets results is a good treatment. Especially one that’s been proven SAFE.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. Some doctors swear by it. There is definitely a signal there regarding its efficacy but all the controversy, censorship and outright lies have clouded any rational discussion and analysis.

      I’ve taken the Pfizer as the risk seems to be to be substantially lower than Covid itself and the benefits are clear from the data. Hopefully it wont have any long term harmful effects.

      • eideard says:

        I spent a significant chunk of my early days not only working in a hospital environment; but, most of it was in a major teaching hospital affiliated with Yale Med School. As a result, the rest of my years on the East Coast maintained connections with folks in medical practice, medical research. Including the leftwing physician’s family that led and won the fight against lead paint.

        One thing I learned from our time with Dvorak was using media as close to “mass media” as possible to communicate what we learned; but, whenever you can, go to the real deal in terms of engineering and science. When the scientific press in North America, Europe and Asia publishes agreement among researchers on the value of certain vaccines, why would I turn to the sensationalist wing of pop press for decision-making guidance.

        I don’t think of being a geezer as an ideological advantage; but, a life’s experience counts at recording change and why. I grew up with epidemics…as did anyone of my age in urban North America. The kids on any block I lived on checked in on who died each winter from the whole range from diphtheria to pneumonia…and believe me you ain’t missed anything if you never had to live through a 1940’s/50’s summer polio epidemic. In each case, vaccines solved the problem for the overwhelming mass of people. If you’re concerned over full scale disagreement, analysis, over what to do – consider your sources. Even for stats. Your national medical association [and their insurance companies] aren’t recommending ivermectin-level solutions. Follow the money! Here in the US, 80-100 million people follow Fox News. But, with all the pro-Trump crap they roll out pro-ivermectin…everyone who comes to work at Fox on-air has been vaccinated.

        And I follow my own advice. In a month or less, you’ll see posts here about amazing stuff in genetics coming down the road. Ethically, I’m not posting it, yet, because – honestly, managing my own retirement income for the last decade, I would be accused of the same crap as Fox, e.g., publishing articles that profit current and future investing. And believe me, it’s difficult keeping this big mouth of mine shut about science that will make qualitative life changes for the generations after mine…because I still have a week or so before I can buy shares in a merger that isn’t yet completed. The science is public – without a lot of publicity unless you read closely-held journals. The merger has been noted as coming; but, even most of the geeks on Wall Street don’t get it – plus they’re old enough that they won’t profit in personal health. Their grandkids likely will. :-]

      • Mark says:

        You mean ‘Not inside the medial bureaucracy’.

        Interesting no hard numbers are presented. So poisonings have increased 5 fold. Is that there was 1 and now there have been 5?

        Like all drugs, if you self administer with no regard for an appropriate dose you are asking for trouble. It makes no sense to ban a medicine that is completely safe when prescribed by a doctor. How many people were poisoned by Ivermectin when prescribed?

        Sorry mate. This reeks of a political motive. Blame the craftsman not the tools.

        Re: advances in genetics. I’ve read Brave New World. I’m prepared 🙂

        • eideard says:

          So, what else has been invented/changed/improved since 1932 you think should be ignored? Electric vehicles, antibiotics, eye surgery, hiking shoes, jet-powered passenger planes, polio vaccine?

          Cripes…television, home computers, pocket computing devices?


          • Mark says:

            I don’t believe much of anything in the media nowadays, given that outright lies and lawyerly obfuscation are de rigueur. Trump broke peoples brains and now it is a free for all.

            Just cos something is based on science doesn’t make it a good thing. However, polio vaccines (the later ones – not the earlier ones that gave kids polio) are indeed good thing. I’m on the fence regarding pocket computing devices. I sometimes want to see how many times I can skip my phone across a lake.

  2. Science be damned says:

    “The largest clinical trial to date on the use of the antiparasitic drug ivermectin against COVID-19 concluded that the drug is completely ineffective at treating the pandemic disease, according to results published in The New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday.
    The double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial was primarily designed to test if ivermectin could reduce the need for hospitalization among 1,358 COVID-19 patients at high risk of severe disease. Ivermectin did not, according to the international team of researchers behind the trial.” https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/03/largest-trial-to-date-finds-ivermectin-is-worthless-against-covid/
    NEJM: “Effect of Early Treatment with Ivermectin among Patients with Covid-19” https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2115869

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