These boots were made for walking…

Henry Leutwyler

The boots of Port Authority Sgt. John McLoughlin, who was buried for 22 hours in the 9/11 rubble before his rescue.

Photographer Henry Leutwyler was nearby, too…He watched the first World Trade Center tower fall from his rooftop at Broadway and Bleecker in Lower Manhattan. His direct connection to this moment in history, combined with his ability to imbue simple objects with emotion, made him the ideal photographer, years later, for a unique project.

Over the course of two weeks, with unprecedented access to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, he combed through hundreds of dusty boxes in the archive, each with close to 20 objects inside. Henry made thousands of photographs. They carry a power and dignity of their own—and some are featured…in September’s issue of National Geographic.

I appreciate walking shoes, hiking boots, work shoes. Never forgot my first pair of steel toe safety shoes. GE Apprentice Dept. got me a discount.

I even talked my way into a shoemaking apprenticeship once. The boss paid such crap wages I just couldn’t afford to stay there and work for him.

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