Manchin pockets $500,000 a year just in dividend$ from his coal stock

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia…is likely to hold back any further action to combat the climate crisis, which could impact his million-dollar investments in the coal and energy industries…

As The Guardian reported in partnership with the Center for Media and Democracy in July, Manchin himself founded a private coal brokerage in 1998 called “Enersystems.” Though currently run by his son, Manchin still owns as much as a $5 million stake in the company, raking in $500,000 of income from it in 2020 alone. As of late 2019, Manchin was by far the most invested of any senator in “dirty energy.”

No conflict of interest here. Other than the sophistry included at no extra charge within the hallowed halls of Congress. Manchin serves as chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, which oversees the coal industry as well as “global climate change.” He works mostly at making certain coal producers aren’t treated “unfairly”.

One thought on “Manchin pockets $500,000 a year just in dividend$ from his coal stock

  1. Ahoy says:

    “Joe Manchin Preaching Fiscal Responsibility From His Yacht Feels a Bit on the Nose”
    “…Climb aboard the Almost Heaven, which is somewhere between a trawler and a yacht, big and boxy. Step inside the cabin and marvel at the creature comforts: a semicircular, plush-leather couch with a matching ottoman, glass cabinets trimmed with dark wood, a marble dining-room table with thick white candles and a box of blue-and-white cocktail napkins with red cursive lettering: “Welcome aboard Almost Heaven.” Below deck, the master bedroom is cozy but well-appointed, with an abundance of throw pillows. There’s a guest room with a bed above the washer/dryer.
    …In 2018, with Manchin facing a tough reelection bid, the NRSC ran ads knocking the Democrat for living on a $700,000 “luxury yacht.” (Manchin’s office has pointed to documents showing that he paid only $220,000 for Almost Heaven when he bought it, in 2014.)

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