The 50 Most Miserable Cities In America

My hometown.

Of course, Bridgeport, Connecticut made the list. The view of Bridgeport harbor is one of the ugliest harborviews of the American coastline. Which is saying something for (what was) an urban manufacturing center that was known as the Park City when I was born.

Most of those early years we had a phony Socialist mayor who wasn’t even up to the mediocre standards of what passes for Social Democrats in the GOUSA. Ol’ Jasper McLevy was elected and re-elected a kajillion times on a platform that wouldn’t have made a sensible moderate Republican blush.

We had lots of parks, the schools had damned good teachers IMHO (and experience). The air was tough to breathe some days in the industrial neighborhoods; but, you could usually find a job at GE, Remington Arms or Bridgeport Brass.

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