WSJ publishes Trump lies without a disclaimer – when they know better

The Wall Street Journal faced backlash Wednesday for publishing a letter to the editor from former President Donald Trump filled with demonstrably false claims about the 2020 election.

He…provided a bulleted list of “examples” of voter fraud in Pennsylvania to support his claims, relying repeatedly on data from Audit the Vote PA, an organization that has no real experience in assessing elections and has promoted unsubstantiated claims of fraud.

Multiple audits into the state’s 2020 election results affirmed the vote count, and numerous lawsuits challenging the results failed in court. There is no evidence of widespread fraud in Pennsylvania or any other state’s election.

The Wall Street Journal published Trump’s letter without noting these facts. The former president was deplatformed from Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites earlier this year after spreading disinformation about the election for months and inciting a mob of his supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol to try and overturn the results.

You can always tell when Trump is lying. His lips are moving.

4 thoughts on “WSJ publishes Trump lies without a disclaimer – when they know better

  1. Mark says:

    If the media stopped publishing politician lies they might as well close shop.Trump stories sell advertising. A Trump story gets clicks from both the adoring and the admonishing. Don’t take the bait. The one thing that diminishes Trump is ignoring him.

    Liberals used to be against media censorship. Don’t let Trump break your brain

  2. Völkischer Beobachter says:

    “Yesterday the Wall Street Journal (whose parent company, it should be noted, is Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which also owns Fox News) received a lot of criticism for publishing Donald Trump’s letter to the editor without comment. So on Thursday the editorial board defended the decision, with a fair amount of smugness, though they also acknowledged the falsehoods.”
    “…“Mr. Trump is making these claims elsewhere, so we hardly did him a special favor by letting him respond to our editorial. We offer the same courtesy to others we criticize, even when they make allegations we think are false,” the paper said.
    “As for the media clerics, their attempts to censor Mr. Trump have done nothing to diminish his popularity. Our advice would be to examine their own standards after they fell so easily for false Russian collusion claims. They’d have more credibility in refuting Mr. Trump’s,” the piece concluded.”

    • p/s says:

      “I strongly urge you to reconsider airing this program. It has the potential to fuel misdirected anger and unrest,” wrote Anti Defamation League CEO and National Director Jonathan A. Greenblatt in a letter to News Corp co-chairman and executive chairman and CEO of the Fox Corporation Lachlan Murdoch today.
      Greenblatt was decrying a three-part series from Fox News host Tucker Carlson called Patriot Purge, the trailer for which debuted yesterday.
      In the trailer, there is a suggestion that the January 6 attack on the Capitol was a “false flag” operation. One of the talking heads is heard saying, “False flags have happened in this country…one of which may have been January 6th,” as images of the unrest on that date are shown. Politifact has called that claim baseless and false multiple times.

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