4 thoughts on “Haunted Manchin

  1. Boo says:

    “When not aboard his $220,000 houseboat, Sen. Joe Manchin—who recently has been portrayed as D.C.’s cartoon villain du jour—may or may not own a Maserati Levante, which can retail for somewhere around $80,000.
    The moderate West Virginia Democrat was caught in the luxury vehicle while surrounded by climate change activists Thursday morning, according to Politico. Reminder: He hails from a state where 16 percent of the population is impoverished and the average household earns far less each year than what a Maserati is worth.” https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjb4g7/joe-manchin-drives-maserati (see links)
    “A spokesperson for Manchin did not immediately return VICE News’ request for comment on whether the Maserati is indeed Manchin’s, or whether the senator is concerned about appearing out of touch during a time when so many Americans are financially suffering.”

  2. Janky says:

    “Joe Manchin Opposes Tax Incentives For Union-Made EVs on Behalf Of Toyota, Which Doesn’t Have Unions or an EV” https://www.vice.com/en/article/7kb9ae/joe-manchin-opposes-tax-incentives-for-union-made-evs-on-behalf-of-toyota-which-doesnt-have-unions-or-an-ev
    “…Manchin trashed the union-made EV incentives idea at an event held by Toyota. Many Americans associate Toyota with environmental friendliness because of the Prius, but that’s an unfortunately outdated assumption. In recent years, Toyota has supported the Trump administration’s rollback on fuel economy and also opposes nearly every provision that would speed up EV adoption. It does this perhaps because Toyota is woefully behind on EV development, having sunk years and billions of dollars into hydrogen fuel cell research and development. Basically, Toyota bet big on the wrong technology, and that bet is looking very bad right now. So its main strategy is to slow EV adoption until it can, perhaps, catch up, or somehow make fuel cells work. It also does not employ any union labor in the U.S., making the union-made EV incentives a double whammy. While several automakers including Honda and Tesla also oppose the proposed union-made EV incentives, Toyota has been the most vocal.”

  3. Update says:

    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) vented his anger with the media in the wake of a report that he wants to drop the child tax credit, a popular program, from President Biden’s expansive climate and social spending package.
    “This is bullshit. You’re bullshit,” Manchin yelled at Arthur Delaney, a reporter for HuffPost Politics, who asked him to confirm the report that the child tax credit has become a major sticking point in talks with the White House.
    “I’m done, I’m done,” Manchin fumed, his voice rising, after Delaney asked whether the senator could support continuing $300 monthly payments to families with young kids.
    The testy exchange followed another contentious back-and-forth between Manchin and a group of reporters, including CNN’s Manu Raju. https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/585965-manchin-yells-at-reporter-youre-bull

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