Tesla’s production capacity

Tesla Giga Shanghai

It’s time for an update about Tesla’s manufacturing infrastructure, which includes two electric car plants (one in California and one in China). Two new plants (in Germany and in Texas) are under construction and should start production by the end of the year or in early 2022…

The production rate in Q3 was above 237,000, while 12-month production exceeds 800,000. The annualized production rate is close to 1 million EVs…

“In Q3, we saw a continuation of global supply chain, transportation and other manufacturing challenges. We continue to run our production lines as close to full capacity as conditions allow. While sequential growth remains our goal, the magnitude of growth will be determined largely by outside factors.”

Additionally, Tesla is building a new 40 GWh battery energy storage factory in California,that will produce only Tesla Megapack systems for utilities.

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on Elon Musk’s progress…aided by a helluva staff of engineers, planners, logistics genies…here’s a list of Tesla production sites. It shows seven locations in the United States, China and Germany. There are at least eight more locations manufacturing components and subassemblies.

People are buying cars better for life on Earth. Whether critics realize that or not.

Climate Tipping Points – Arctic

The term “tipping point” is often applied to a moment of critical change in human history. In ecology, tipping points describe small changes that, over time, force an irreversible change. Yearly lows of sea ice and a startling increase in permafrost thaw in a warming climate signal that the tipping point has already been crossed. We have already lost the frozen Arctic.

At this critical moment of loss, we must use the Arctic tipping point as a hard lesson — as ecosystems worldwide approach tipping points…

As ice and snow are lost, the warming climate makes it difficult to recover. Sea ice that is only a few months old covers gaps in the Arctic Ocean, with yearly loss of old ice greater than the annual gain. In 2019, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that just 1 percent of the Arctic Ocean ice older than four years old remained. A warming atmosphere and sea prevent ice growth, leading to an ice-free Arctic Ocean…

The rapidity of Arctic change has surprised researchers and the public alike. Until recently, climate change models failed to identify that the combination of fire, ice loss, and land clearing would force tipping point thresholds. In many cases, these small-scale, discrete events expand across the landscape to create enduring change.

This has begun to take effect in my neck of the prairie. Though I hadn’t looked northward until I saw this article.

Folks [including me] frequently quote the average changes in Earth’s climate as being a few degrees…and lament the results. Fact is, the change in wintertime here in the Southwest are parallel to the Arctic change. While year-round averages have risen 2-3 degrees F., winter temps are up 8-10 degrees F.

guilty, guilty, guilty, GUILTY

The men convicted of killing Ahmaud Arbery are not the only ones facing prison time for…murder. Former Georgia District Attorney Jackie Johnson was arrested for her role in delaying justice for the Black man, who was chased and killed while running through a mostly white neighborhood near Brunswick, Georgia.

According to a grand jury indictment, Johnson violated her oath by “showing favor and affection” to Gregory McMichael and “failing to treat Arbery and his family fairly and with dignity.” It also said she obstructed police by “directing that Travis McMichael should not be placed under arrest.” Johnson also lost her reelection bid last November because of the Arbery case.

It took more than two months after Arbery’s killing for arrests to be made. His family and supporters have called for Johnson to be penalized for what she did.

Georgia appears to be becoming a state with political folks noticing that “injustice” really is a different word from “justice”.

Covid will stop expanding around the world when we’re all immune

Ilyas El Omari

So far, SARS-CoV-2’s most devastating impacts have been in developed countries. The U.S., U.K. and European Union have accounted for about a third of deaths, compared to their roughly 10% share of the world’s population. However, it’s been in the BRICS grouping of fast-growing middle- income nations where an outsized share of new variants of concern have been isolated and analyzed for the first time. From the original strain in China, to the Delta lineage picked up in India, the Gamma variety isolated in Brazil and the Beta and latest Nu strains from South Africa, only the U.K.-related Alpha variant has emerged outside these countries.

In part, that’s just a reflection of the fact that two out of five people in the planet live in one of the BRICS nations. It’s also no coincidence that new variants were first identified in countries with the sophisticated scientific infrastructure needed to spot them. The BRICS are some of the biggest players in the global market for generic drugs, and the likes of India and South Africa have performed a key role in debates over intellectual property waivers to increase access to medicines…

As natural and vaccine-derived immunity rises, viral evolution will have to get more and more ingenious to evade our defenses. So far, scarcely more than half of the world’s population has had a dose of a Covid vaccine. That means there’s still more than 3.4 billion people out there whose bodies the virus can treat as laboratories in which to develop new mutations. Until we reduce that number further, the odds aren’t as strongly in our favor as we’d like to think.

Read both linked article. El Omari link is below the image up top. Link in the first paragraph takes you to David Fickling, this article in Bloomberg…which requires a subscription much of the time.