Political policy on climate change is run like Congress

Climate change analyzed by our national academies

More than 100 fossil fuel companies are understood to have sent 500 lobbyists to the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland, more than any single country at the summit, according to the environmental campaign group Global Witness.

The group analyzed the UN’s provisional list of named corporate attendees and found at least 503 people linked with coal, oil and gas companies were at the conference. Fossil fuel use is the biggest driver of human-made climate change…

“The presence of hundreds of those being paid to push the toxic interests of polluting fossil fuel companies, will only increase the skepticism of climate activists who see these talks as more evidence of global leaders’ dithering and delaying,” said Murray Worthy, gas campaign leader at Global Witness…

Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the UN’s climate agency, said that the UN did not invite or acknowledge any official delegation of fossil fuel companies, but that the agency had no control over which people each country registered as a delegate. “It is really the sovereign right of every government to accredit every representative as part of its delegations, persons it deems appropriate…”

The analysis comes amid growing criticism from civil society groups that the event is not as inclusive as promised. COP26 President Alok Sharma has pointed to the need for social distancing as the reason some people, including those with observer status, have been unable to enter rooms where negotiations are taking place.

Lobbyists from fossil fuel interests recognize the strength and danger to their profit structure in the reaction among folks around the globe. They also understand their own history of manipulating law and policy in just about every nation producing fossil fuels for energy generation. Too public a battle can lead to negative publicity. Perhaps provide voters with more incentives to oppose their industrial blueprint.

Anyway, politicians generally have a lower purchase price than the sum needed for a PR campaign to validate continuing to pollute and poison our planet.

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