Progress Report

Every now and then, I’ve tried one or another stevia-based product to see if the taste [and aftertaste] matches sugar well enough for me to keep some in our kitchen. My wife and I live a virtually [added]sugar-free existence, as it is. But, there are a very few items consumed for nutrition as well as culture that I used to add a touch of sweetness to. Like coffee.

The sum of all previous taste tests was – FAIL. This month, trying the latest incarnation of Truvia = PASS. Satisfying without any yucky aftertaste. I hope it’s successful enough to stay around. I imagine other brands will offer the same formulation if this is a success. It may be, already. Not an important topic in my life. I’ll be adding one packet of Truvia to my fourth daily cuppa Helen’s secret strong recipe for morning coffee just to remember the flavor of coffee as it was when I started drinking it.

And this brand is convenient for me…already in stock at the few grocery stores we frequent on our weekly shopping excursion to town.

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