Newfangled portable radio

April 1922. Chicago. “The Singing Valise

“The Singing Valise,” or “Talks-as-it-walks,” may be the latest thing in radiotelephone reception, displayed to the amazement of delegates attending the American Institute of Engineers meeting here last month at the Drake Hotel, by F.W. Dunmore of the radio laboratory of the U.S. Bureau of Standards. Incidentally, it may be pointed out that the engineers at their spring meeting are paying a great deal of attention to radio…

While the engineers were gathered in the French Room of the Drake, all windows closed, Mr. Dunmore opened the grip, turned the aerial director toward the Westinghouse broadcasting station KYW, and at once the voice of the announcer of a radio news service was heard…

The reception of radio in a set inclosed in a leather case and all within the confines of the steel, concrete and brick structure of the hotel, amazed even those of the engineers who thought they had seen the very latest in radio reception.

Someone had to do it, first. Never looked back, Never stopped innovating. Helluva species, ain’t we?

3 thoughts on “Newfangled portable radio

  1. Cue Theremin says:

    A machine equipped with the proper apparatus can be operated by radio through this instrument, said Mr. Dunmore. “We have perfected the instrument to furnish the control. The matter of equipping machinery to respond to this control will be simple.”

  2. Tinkering says:

    “HOW TO BUILD THE NEW NUMBER 6 LC -27 RECEIVER” Popular Radio (October 1926)
    See also: “WILL SCIENCE SUCCEED IN Releasing the Power of the Atom?” (page 17)
    “…Whether the apparatus now in action is sufficiently powerful to produce a permanent rupture of the atomic structure is a question which it is not yet possible to answer. In the writer’s view however, the evidence points to the conclusion that the disruption of the atomic structure by the application of extremely intense magnetic fields is possible. And, if this is so, no one can foretell what the final results will be.”

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