Subway’s Tuna Sub Ain’t…so saith 19 out of 20 samples in SoCal

Pescatarians may want to avoid eating Subway’s tuna, if one is to believe the allegations in a revived lawsuit questioning the ingredients in the restaurant chain’s seafood.

Nineteen of 20 tuna samples from Subway outlets throughout Southern California contained animal protein including chicken, pork or cattle, but no discernible tuna DNA, according to the latest complaint filed on Monday in U.S. District Court in California…

The complaint filed on Monday includes findings based on DNA tests by the Barber Lab at UCLA’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Beyond finding “no detectable tuna DNA sequences whatsoever” in 19 of the samples, all 20 held “detectable sequences of chicken DNA,” according to the complaint. Eleven samples held pork DNA and seven cattle DNA, results that run counter to Subway’s marketing claims, it stated.

Maybe Subway is confident in the number of judges available to rule against scientific methodology. Preferring commercials…over proven commercial testing.

2 thoughts on “Subway’s Tuna Sub Ain’t…so saith 19 out of 20 samples in SoCal

  1. Oscar Mike says:

    A U.S. judge rules that Subway can be sued over its ‘100% tuna’ claim
    Plaintiff Nilima Amin of Alameda County, Calif., says Subway misled her and other consumers by saying its sandwiches and other products contain “tuna” and “100% tuna.”
    Amin’s lawsuit cites a marine biologist who analyzed 20 samples of tuna offerings from 20 different Subway restaurants and found “no detectable tuna DNA sequences whatsoever” in 19 samples. But, Amin says, the samples did contain other types of animal DNA, such as from chicken and pork.

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