One of Trump’s pimps says the GOUSA must have only one religion

Of course it will have to be a “state religion” and idjits like Trump should run the state and pick out the religion!

Later Saturday, Josh Mandel, Ohio’s treasurer and a U.S. Senate candidate, tweeted, “We stand with General Flynn.”

Flynn has repeatedly garnered attention this year for making controversial statements…He received backlash in July after joking about finding “somebody in Washington, D.C,” while holding an AR-15. Just a few months later, he appeared to call for a coup similar to the one in Myanmar, where the country’s military seized power and overtook the democratically elected government in February, to take place in the U.S.

The nutballs are getting ready to celebrate their own versions of traditional American holidays. Everything from Thanksgiving to Hannakuh and Christmas will end up looking like Halloween…produced and directed by the former Nutball-President.