2 thoughts on “The smell of this lie doesn’t have time to dissipate between elections

  1. moss says:

    The only thing that’s “news” about this article – is that today’s legal firearms are capable of faster fire than the critters (er, um!) “some folks” used to achieve with rewatted firearms BITD. Waay BITD. Used to be a big deal to hit 600 rounds per minute.

  2. Ka-Ching says:

    2021 is on pace to see the second most firearm sale background checks in U.S. history following a record-shattering 2020 that saw background checks for firearm sales reach 21 million
    “The annual total so far of nearly 15.2 million background checks is putting 2021 on the path to being the second strongest year on record,” said Mark Oliva with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), according to Bearing Arms. https://fox17.com/news/nation-world/gun-sales-skyrocketing-to-near-record-numbers-this-year [Current federal law does not require background checks on sales between unlicensed parties].
    “The Great American Ammunition Conspiracy : Two companies are at the root of the current shortage.” https://prospect.org/economy/great-american-ammunition-conspiracy/

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