Covid will stop expanding around the world when we’re all immune

Ilyas El Omari

So far, SARS-CoV-2’s most devastating impacts have been in developed countries. The U.S., U.K. and European Union have accounted for about a third of deaths, compared to their roughly 10% share of the world’s population. However, it’s been in the BRICS grouping of fast-growing middle- income nations where an outsized share of new variants of concern have been isolated and analyzed for the first time. From the original strain in China, to the Delta lineage picked up in India, the Gamma variety isolated in Brazil and the Beta and latest Nu strains from South Africa, only the U.K.-related Alpha variant has emerged outside these countries.

In part, that’s just a reflection of the fact that two out of five people in the planet live in one of the BRICS nations. It’s also no coincidence that new variants were first identified in countries with the sophisticated scientific infrastructure needed to spot them. The BRICS are some of the biggest players in the global market for generic drugs, and the likes of India and South Africa have performed a key role in debates over intellectual property waivers to increase access to medicines…

As natural and vaccine-derived immunity rises, viral evolution will have to get more and more ingenious to evade our defenses. So far, scarcely more than half of the world’s population has had a dose of a Covid vaccine. That means there’s still more than 3.4 billion people out there whose bodies the virus can treat as laboratories in which to develop new mutations. Until we reduce that number further, the odds aren’t as strongly in our favor as we’d like to think.

Read both linked article. El Omari link is below the image up top. Link in the first paragraph takes you to David Fickling, this article in Bloomberg…which requires a subscription much of the time.

16 thoughts on “Covid will stop expanding around the world when we’re all immune

  1. Mark says:

    What is this vaccine derived immunity? The vaccines do not make you immune, just resistant.
    The only broad spectrum long lasting immunity is generated when you recover from the virus.

    The idea that the virus will not mutate into something more effective in the body of an infected vaccinated individual is unproven speculation. Misinformation, to use the term-du-jour.

    Covid is now so transmissible that almost everyone will get infected eventually. The idea that policy, vaccines or border controls can stop it is idiotic. You can mitigate the impact with the vaccines, which have their own risks, and/or with antivirals or boosting Vitamin D. Almost no-one with decent Vit D levels is hospitalised by the virus.

    Just a side note that Japan, just like in India, have had COVID levels plummet a few weeks after the approval of Ivermectin to treat the virus. Helluva co-incidence. Again. Wont hear about it in the corporate media though. I wonder why? Corporate media ‘fact checkers’ have poo-pooed it, naturally.

    A side side note. The mechanism that the new Pfizer antiviral tablet (I prefer the name Phizermectin – wish I’d thought of it) uses to attack COVID is the same as that in Ivermectin. Who-da thunk it.

    • eideard says:

      Try reading more house media from medical sources, Mark. The articles you quote sound just as flaky as the Daily MIRROR. My side note would be the {still smallish) trials of a cure that already, pleasantly surprising, has a 100% cure rate. Been following it for weeks. And the sources I dig out from the research community consider the unvaccinated the primary source of vraiants.

      • Mark says:

        I’m not sure which part of my post you claim flaky sources as I did not post any sources.
        Pharma companies can talk as much shite as the Mirror when there are billions to be made.

        I’m not a doctor and also not versed in medical mumbo jumbo. This bloke is. Dr Campbell illustrates the Japan thing and the relationship between ivermectin and pfizermectin.

        • eideard says:

          Sorry to offend, dude; but, I worked – not in any medical capacity – but, in and about medical crafts in a hospital and research setting for a number of years. Witnessed the results of solid research every day. It was what used to be called a teaching hospital associated with an internationally ranked medical school [top 10 globally].

          • Mark says:

            What offends me is when the politicisation and commercialisation of covid interferes with discussion and treatment. It stinks when a completely safe drug that has been administered to billions of people is labelled as dangerous and a ‘horse de-wormer’ in an obviously co-ordinated campaign. The question is whether this is just the usual culture war horse shit that the dying corporate media hypes up for attention or a paid for service.

            Which do you think appeals more to the pharma corporations. An out of patent treatment that costs 3 cents a course, or a new patented drug that is sold for $700 a course.

          • eideard says:

            If you’re referring to Ivermectin [sp?], I finished reading a few thorough peer-reviewed articles that decide statistically it’s a waste of time and money. I know it appears to be popular in your neck of the prairie and a few other spots; but, I tailor my life around hard science. Reproducible results, verifiable, standard test sizes. Large standard test sizes. The placebo effect is a great decider for many. Only benefits a few. Pharma corporations don’t stay in business if competing treatments end up with better results. I’m not saying it happens overnight or that most populations aren’t gullible and driven by advertising and bullshit articles. Still, hard science and math have gotten me to where I’ve outlived just about everyone I’ve ever known, friends and relatives. Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, are surviving perfectly well putting their products up for serious double blind testing. Generally involving 4-figure test groups minimum.

  2. Mark says:

    I think your sources are flaky, Mr Eideard. Did you ready any of the studies that show the efficacy of Ivermectin, of which there are many?

    Large double blind studies are EXTREMELY expensive. No-one is spending that sort of money on repurposed drugs. Fluvoxamine is another very cheap repurposed drug that shows great promise in treating Covid. Where are the expensive studies?

    Much more profitable to discredit the old drugs and bring something to market at exorbitant prices. These expensive studies, while great if you can afford them, can be used to price out alternatives. You don’t get the gold standard you don’t get the rubber stamp. This is commercial shenanigans, not hard science.

    Are you saying that a placebo could cure covid on a large scale? Seriously? Christ on a unicycle.

      • Mark says:

        Hmm. First article mostly a talking point summary that really describes a large number of clinicians throwing everything they can, including Ivermectin, at the virus to help their patients. Obviously there is a great variation in the dosage, medicines used in combination, stage of the disease, co-morbidities etc etc. Very hard to get a clear picture from this article. A meta-analysis would help.

        Hmm. Second article sound pretty enthusiastic to me. I know that some of the authors are enthusiastic proponents of Ivermectin so no surprise there. Moderate-certainty evidence is actually pretty positive.

        “Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”

        Hmm. Third article a bit dodgy. Only 24 in the study and the article reports conflicts of interest.

        “JLDP reports speaker fees from Pfizer and MSD as well as research grants from Novartis, outside the scope of the submitted work. No other competing interests were disclosed”

        I really fail to see what the big deal is about proscribing Ivermectin. What is the harm in physicians prescribing it if they believe it will help, and many do think it will help. Worst case its an extremely effective placebo 😉

  3. Necronomicon says:

    Infographic: How Omicron compares with other COVID variants.
    WHO says preliminary evidence indicates an ‘increased risk of reinfection with Omicron’ compared with other coronavirus variants, but information is limited.
    (11/25/2021): President Trump’s national security advisor and ex-Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn warns global elites preparing to unleash a new virus on humanity.

  4. Science be damned says:

    Possible Achilles’ Heel Discovered for Respiratory Viruses – Like COVID-19 – That Hijack Immune Mechanisms
    “Human respiratory syncytial virus NS2 protein induces autophagy by modulating Beclin1 protein stabilization and ISGylation” (January 18, 2022, American Society for Microbiology mBio.)

  5. Antigenic evolution says:

    “How Flu Viruses Can Change: “Drift” and “Shift” [CDC]
    “New COVID variant has arrived in the US. What to know about ‘stealth’ version of omicron BA.2”
    …The latest version is another reminder that the pandemic hasn’t ended.
    “We all wish that it was over, but until we get the world vaccinated, we’re going to be at risk of having new variants emerge.” Dr. Wesley Long, a pathologist at Houston Methodist in Texas, which has identified three cases of BA.2.

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