Tesla’s production capacity

Tesla Giga Shanghai

It’s time for an update about Tesla’s manufacturing infrastructure, which includes two electric car plants (one in California and one in China). Two new plants (in Germany and in Texas) are under construction and should start production by the end of the year or in early 2022…

The production rate in Q3 was above 237,000, while 12-month production exceeds 800,000. The annualized production rate is close to 1 million EVs…

“In Q3, we saw a continuation of global supply chain, transportation and other manufacturing challenges. We continue to run our production lines as close to full capacity as conditions allow. While sequential growth remains our goal, the magnitude of growth will be determined largely by outside factors.”

Additionally, Tesla is building a new 40 GWh battery energy storage factory in California,that will produce only Tesla Megapack systems for utilities.

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on Elon Musk’s progress…aided by a helluva staff of engineers, planners, logistics genies…here’s a list of Tesla production sites. It shows seven locations in the United States, China and Germany. There are at least eight more locations manufacturing components and subassemblies.

People are buying cars better for life on Earth. Whether critics realize that or not.