I discover neck gaiters

My last remaining cold weather problem is solved.  Keeping my neck and face warm in autumn/winter cold wind…without steaming up my sunglasses at the same time.  I bought my first neck gaiter.  It was obvious it would work to keep my neck comfy.  Piled up in layers like a broad lightweight scarf, that was predictable.  But, when I headed out for my first fence-line laps, this morning, I was looking forward to pulling it up over my nose – right up to my sunglasses – to block a 10mph wind straight out of the North.

Everything I’ve tried previously either gave little protection or was so impermeable my breath would steam up my sunglasses.  This morning?  SUCCESS!  The gaiter was easily breathable while doing a good job of deflecting that wind.  The only hint of glasses steaming was on the portion of my walk along the bosque with my back to the wind.  Even then, it was a shadow of the fogging problems I had wearing a surgical mask as windbreak.

I’m happy as an Ipswich clam.  Knowing me, I’ll enjoy the same vanity I have with my four pairs of sunglasses.  I have two of these gaiters, now.  One patterned, one plain.  I’ll be ordering more.  These are Naturwool 100% merino wool ordered via Amazon.  Affordable and comfy.  A very fine knit fabric and lightweight enough to be unnoticeable against my ancient skin.

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