Canada has banned so-called gay conversion therapy

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joins LGBTQ community as they march in Canada’s largest Pride parade

Canada on Wednesday banned conversion therapy, which are treatments that claim to be able to change a person’s sexual orientation or identity…The law makes it a crime to subject a person of any age, consenting or not, to such treatment.

So-called conversion therapies rely on the assumption that sexual orientation can be changed or “cured” — an idea discredited by major medical associations in the US, the UK and elsewhere…It’s often performed by religious leaders, but licensed clinicians are also engaged in the practice…

“It’s official: Our government’s legislation banning the despicable and degrading practice of conversion therapy has received Royal Assent — meaning it is now law,” he wrote on Twitter. “LGBTQ2 Canadians, we’ll always stand up for you and your rights.”…

Last year, hundreds of religious leaders joined forces to push for a global ban on conversion therapy.
The declaration asked for forgiveness for the harm that some religious teachings have caused LGBTQ+ people and calls for everyone to “celebrate inclusivity and the extraordinary gift of our diversity.”

Overdue. I expect the United States will join this progressive move. If not in this century, the next.

Suicide Pod ready to launch in Switzerland

The company behind a 3D-printed pod which can help carry out assisted suicide has said it is confident it could be used in Switzerland as early as next year.

Sarco commissioned a Swiss legal expert, who found that the machine did not break any laws in the country…

Assisted suicide, in which somebody is given the means to end their own life, is legal in Switzerland. About 1,300 people died there in this way in 2020…

The current method used in Switzerland is to provide the person with a series of liquids that, if ingested, will end the person’s life.

By contrast, the pod – which can be placed anywhere – is flooded with nitrogen, reducing the oxygen levels rapidly…The process would make the person inside lose consciousness and die in approximately 10 minutes.

All sounds perfectly reasonable and a helluva more civilized than the hoops folks have to jump through in most “advanced” Western nations.