Lame response to white riot

If the riot on the Right wasn’t white, you would be seeing 100 times more cops!

…Observers were appalled by what they describe as the glaring disparity in how police responded to the mostly white rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

When white vigilantes commit violence, police stand by,” said Jeralyn Cave, senior communications associate with the Advancement Project, a national civil rights and racial justice organization. “And when Black organizers and Black and Brown people are seeking justice, police are violent and attack.”

The scene at the Capitol on Wednesday, Cave said, “is a real testament to the power of whiteness in America.”


Unique photo of the sun

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I’ll Drink to That
I’ll start by reiterating that this image is heavily software-processed. The photo was shot on a backyard solar telescope, then edited to progressively accentuate the contrasting features.
The end result is a clear depiction of the turbulent nature of the solar chromosphere. This type of photography is an incredible challenge due to the overwhelming light of the photosphere below. Solar images are always software-processed to reveal contrast. I took those methods as far as I could, and then some!
The bright spot you see near the limb of the Sun is a giant sunspot in Active Region 2804. This sunspot is big enough to swallow the Earth whole!
To see more of my space photography, you can always find me on Instagram @thevastreaches
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Explore Scientific AR152
Daystar Quark Chromosphere
Celestron AVX
February 27, 2021
1250/5000 stacked

An amazing piece of work. Didn’t mention it in his post, but, I’ve read this starts with 150,000 individual photos of segments of the sun. Taken in his backyard.

Pay up!

The California Public Utilities Commission has penalized Pacific Gas and Electric $125 million for violations related to the 2019 Kincade Fire that burned more than 77,000 acres and caused the evacuation of about 185,000 residents north of Santa Rosa, California…The fire started October 23 northeast of Geyserville, California and destroyed 374 structures…

The settlement agreed to last week requires that PG&E shareholders pay a $40 million fine to the state. The company will also not raise rates to cover the $85 million cost for permanent removal of abandoned transmission facilities, bringing the total fines and penalties to $125 million.

The company was charged with five felonies and 28 misdemeanors, including “unlawfully causing a fire that resulted in great bodily injury, unlawfully causing a fire that resulted in the burning of inhabited structures, and unlawfully causing a fire that resulted in the burning of forest land, as well as various air pollution crimes,” according to the District Attorney’s office.

PG&E equipment faults and failures caused at least 1500 fires in recent years. Does the term “public safety” ever enter into the minds of bureaucrats?

World’s Largest Brownie

A marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts cooked what it claims to be the world’s largest cannabis-infused brownie — an 850-pound THC treat.

MariMed, based in Norwood, celebrated the launch of its new brand Bubby’s Baked by cooking the brownie infused with 20,000 milligrams of TCH, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana…

The brownie measures 3 feet long on each side and 15 inches high. It dwarfs the Guinness World Record holder for largest brownie, a 234-pounder made by Alabama’s Something Sweet Bake Shop in 2013…

“Unfortunately, Guinness World Records rejected our entry because they don’t accept cannabis-related records,” Ryan Crandall, MariMed’s chief product officer, told McClatchy. “That was a disappointment, but we’re still very proud of what we accomplished.”

Wish these folks were in business when I was still living in New England. My home, almost 40 years ago, was only 8 miles away from where they opened their bakery/dispensary. Yum!