Don’t overcomplicate Rick Perry’s memo to Trump via Meadows

Trump smiles at his dog…

1. Standard Operating Procedure. One of the first things you learn as a modern gangster: don’t address any incriminating evidence directly to the Boss. Send it to a trained dog who will carry stuff to the boss. Bright enough to keep it separate from his usual butt-kissing gig. Rick Perry and Mark Meadows understood at least that much.

2. TCB and screw the law!.

Members of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol believe that former Texas Governor and Trump Energy Secretary Rick Perry was the author of a text message sent to then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows the day after the 2020 election pushing an “AGRESSIVE (sic) STRATEGY” for three state legislatures to ignore the will of their voters and deliver their states’ electors to Donald Trump, three sources familiar with the House Committee investigation tell CNN…

The cell phone number the text was sent from, obtained from a source knowledgeable about the investigation, appears in databases as being registered to a James Richard Perry of Texas, the former governor’s full name.

The number is also associated in a second database as registered to a Department of Energy email address associated with Perry when he was secretary. When told of these facts, (Perry’s) spokesman had no explanation…

The text was first presented publicly on the House floor Tuesday night by Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, and reads: “HERE’s an AGRESSIVE (sic) STRATEGY: Why can t (sic) the states of GA NC PENN and other R controlled state houses declare this is BS (where conflicts and election not called that night) and just send their own electors to vote and have it go to the SCOTUS.”

Raskin cited the text in the debate over holding Meadows in criminal contempt of Congress, using it as an example of evidence that needed further explanation from Meadows, which the former chief of staff is refusing to provide.

“How did this text influence the planning of Mark Meadows and Donald Trump to try to destroy the lawful electoral college majority that had been established by the people of the United States and the states for Joe Biden,” Raskin asked. “Those are the kinds of questions that we have a right to ask Mark Meadows.”

If anyone in Congress had more backbone than an earthworm, they would start out by asking the relevant crooks – Trump and Perry. Meadows only has to have his buttons pushed once to admit he was an errand boy…or hide behind some legalistic crappola. Then, the Congressional suits can carry on with Twenty Questions, indict the scum-suckers, give ’em their day in court. Go back to pretending they give a royal crap about our democracy.

4 thoughts on “Don’t overcomplicate Rick Perry’s memo to Trump via Meadows

  1. p/s says:

    “Why Trump appears deeply unnerved as Capitol attack investigation closes in”
    “…The material Meadows turned over alone depicts an alarming strategy to stop Biden’s certification on 6 January, involving nearly the entire federal government and lieutenants operating from the Willard hotel in Washington.
    One member on the select committee described the events around 6 January as showing a coalescence of multiple strategies: “There was a DoJ strategy, a state legislative strategy, a state election official strategy, the vice-president strategy. And there was the insurrection strategy.”
    The text messages Meadows received on his personal phone implicate Trump’s eldest son, Don Jr, and Republican members of Congress. Texts Meadows turned over to the committee might also be used by an enterprising prosecutor as evidence of criminal obstruction to stop a congressional proceeding if the White House knew election fraud claims to be lies but still used them to stop Biden’s certification.”

  2. Curiouser and curiouser says:

    “Former Trump official turned right-wing provocateur Steve Bannon took things a step further Monday morning, pledging to one day soon take over the entire “election apparatus” in the United States. “We are going to get it decertified,” Bannon said, referring to the 2020 presidential election.”
    On Saturday longtime Republican operative Roger Stone suggested Bannon was behind the call to “breach” the Capitol building on Jan 6.

  3. Fulcrum says:

    The House select committee investigating the deadly January 6 riot has asked GOP Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania to voluntarily sit down for an interview — the first known effort by the panel to talk to a lawmaker about helping former President Donald Trump in his efforts to undermine the election.
    The committee is not yet issuing a subpoena for Perry’s testimony. Instead the panel is sending a letter to formally request Perry’s cooperation. Perry, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, is the first lawmaker to receive such a letter from the committee.
    The letter, released Monday, marks a significant step in the investigation and underscores how the panel is zeroing in on Trump’s closest allies on Capitol Hill.
    “At this time, the Select Committee seeks your voluntary cooperation,” wrote Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, who chairs the committee.
    In the letter, the committee says it wants to discuss Perry’s attempted effort to install former Department of Justice official Jeffrey Clark as acting attorney general.

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