Trump is getting twitchy!

House Select Committee/Rex/Shutterstock

Donald Trump is increasingly agitated by the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack, according to sources familiar with the matter, and appears anxious he might be implicated in the sprawling inquiry into the insurrection even as he protests his innocence…

When Trump sees new developments in the Capitol attack investigation on television, he has started swearing about the negative coverage and bemoaned that the House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, was too incompetent to put Republicans on the committee to defend him.

The portrait that emerges from interviews with multiple sources close to Trump, including current and former aides, suggests a former president unmoored and backed into a corner by the rapid escalation in intensity of the committee’s investigation…

The former president is especially attuned to his potential for legal exposure, even as he maintains he did nothing wrong in conferring about ways to overturn the 2020 election and encouraging supporters to march on the Capitol…The reality is that with each passing day, the committee seems to be gathering new evidence about Trump’s culpability around the Capitol attack that might culminate with recommendations for new election laws – but also for prosecutions.


The tall and short of New Mexico


Pictures of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham with other politicians or everyday people are a regular sight on social media…But here’s the tall and the short of it: Some photos of the governor generate a bigger response than others…Such was the case over the weekend when the 4-foot-10 governor posed next to a New Mexico State Police officer who is a towering 7 feet tall.

The picture of Lujan Grisham standing next to Officer Timothy Smith, who has been on the force two years, sparked thousands of reactions on the governor’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“People appreciate the governor posting something that just puts a smile on folks’ face, and she really enjoyed meeting Officer Smith,” Nora Meyers Sackett, the governor’s press secretary, said Monday…“It was just a nice moment,” she said.

I agree.

Snow is glowing in the Russian Arctic

Alexander Semenov photo

High in the Russian Arctic, at a remote field station on the shores of the White Sea, biologist Vera Emelianenko set out for a walk on a frigid December night. With her were Mikhail Neretin, the son of the station’s molecular biologist, and a couple dogs: a giant schnauzer and soft-coated Wheaten terrier.

Trudging along the icy embankments of the tidal zone in fierce Arctic winds, Neretin spotted a blue illumination in a snowbank. Had Emelianenko dropped her phone?

As they walked over to investigate, their footsteps created streaks of ethereal blue. “They were like blue Christmas lights in the snow,” Emelianenko says.

She bent down to scoop up a handful. With a gentle squeeze, the snowball glowed brighter. The dogs left a glowing trail as they raced ahead, as though the Northern Lights had seeped from sky to snow…

The next day, Emelianenko slipped a glowing snowball under a stereo microscope to try to identify the bioluminescent culprit. As she waited for the ice to melt away, she prodded miniscule detritus with a needle to no avail. But then Emelianenko spotted some copepods, tiny aquatic crustaceans, in the slushy petri dish. When she poked them, they shone a faint blue.

This may be the first documented explanation for glowing snow in the Arctic, which has been observed occasionally by researchers over the years but not been rigorously tested.

Cripes! This is the sort of tale that makes me want to dash off and participate, somehow, anyhow…aid this research. Even if I’m just the guy with the shovel.