Cops respond to an assault in a clothing store. Kill suspect, kill a customer and injure another!

In an incident the police chief called “devastating and tragic,” an LAPD officer fatally shot a teenage girl at a Burlington clothing store during a chaotic confrontation that also left a suspect dead and another person injured.

The teenager was at the store in North Hollywood trying on dresses for a quinceañera, an LAPD source confirmed…

The violence late Thursday morning, just two days before Christmas at a bustling shopping district, left many people stunned and sparked questions about what prompted police to open fire. The state attorney general immediately launched a probe of the shooting.

The ONLY guns at the scene belonged to the fucking coppers.

I said this before. I’ll say it, again. I still have my great uncle’s billy club. After he retired from the Mount Vernon, NY, police department, he gave me his billy club. His only memento from the job.

I asked him why he liked that club, so much? He answered, “I can stop a crime without shooting anyone.”

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