Cheap EV battery swaps already happening in China

Nio may have started making headlines with its increasing network of electric vehicle battery swapping stations in China, but fellow Chinese carmaker Geely is doing the same. The former already has almost 200 such stations that are already operational, so it has a head start, but Geely wants to catch up and promises to have 100 stations up and running by the end of this year.

Even though battery swapping makes EVs more complex, companies that are embracing it argue the extra complexity is worth it because it’s so much quicker than charging. Spending not more than a minute to have a fully charged battery, as opposed to waiting around for it to be charged, really does sound good in theory.

This was published May, 2021. Geely’s current target over the next few years is 5,000 swap stations.

Curious to see how battery swapping works? Well, this video published by Geely UnCut takes you through the entire process, if you drive a Geely EV in China.

7 Euros cost. Some competitors are 7 dollars. Either road, a helluva lot cheaper, simpler, than discussions in the GOUSA would lead you to believe.

One thought on “Cheap EV battery swaps already happening in China

  1. moss says:

    Let’s see! Takes less time than a gasoline station fill-up. Costs less. What’s not to like?

    Maybe…living in a country that can’t figure out something this easy?

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