FBI sniffing around rightwing cross-pollination

Levinson/Daily Beast

A Justice Department investigation into conservative operative James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas group includes a review of O’Keefe’s ties to a member of the far-right Proud Boys, according to a federal search warrant.

On Nov. 6, FBI agents carried out an early-morning raid on O’Keefe’s home. The search came as part of a year-long investigation involving Project Veritas’s purchase of a diary purportedly belonging to Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, and the diary’s subsequent publication on a right-wing website.

As part of the raid, according to the warrant, FBI agents were looking for communications with a self-described “third degree” Proud Boy named Jackson Voynick. Voynick is listed in the document as one of several persons whose communications could reveal information about “potential co-conspirators…”

Project Veritas and a lawyer representing O’Keefe didn’t respond to requests for comment. Voynick couldn’t be reached for comment.

Now, we get to witness rightwing clucks spouting buckets of blather in an predictable attempt to blot out case law that differentiates between rights for political speech used for opinion and policy OR criminal enterprise.

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