Wildlife Pic of the Day


A view from the center of a locust swarm at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya depicts a frenzied scene. Swarms can range from less than half a square mile to 460 square miles, with 40 to 80 million locusts.


How I feel about most bullshit political commercials, analysis and appeals for funds during peak electoral cycles. Yes, I recognize the threat from fascist-minded Republicans-in-name-only. Relying on chickenshit Democrats to function as our constitutional saviors isn’t reassuring.


Just to poke my friends and communicants who prefer the sectarian side of my nature, I must add that anyone standing to the Left side of this species is legitimate as far as I’m concerned if they are willing to act upon their convictions. Talking a good game doesn’t count in chess, firearms or making an omelette.

A Grimaldi Venus

Palaeolithic Venus figures
A personal opinion by Don Hitchcock

There can be no single reason or purpose for the creation of venus figures, since the figures came from such disparate groups, across many thousands of years, and in any case with mutually incomprehensible languages.

First and foremost, however, they are not meant to enhance fertility.

RTFA. Please. This was a New Year’s discovery for me. Wandering through the interconnected links is going to take days and weeks. Or more – to give Don’s work the careful appreciation it deserves.

This link won’t get you back to the beginning of his adventure. It’s where you get if you click on the “Don’s Maps” link in his work. Enjoy the journey.