Abandon in place

Ray Bradbury wrote three elegies after visiting the deactivated launch pads on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The first begins:

“Abandon in Place.
No Further Maintenance Authorized.
Abandon. Turn away your face.
No more the mad high wanderings of thought
You once surmised. Let be!
Wipe out the stars. Put out the skies.”

Stenciled on many of the station’s deactivated facilities, the phrase “Abandon in Place” indicates the structures are no longer being maintained.

What should be a well-maintained open-air museum visited by busloads of schoolchildren from all over the GOUSA…is allowed to crumble into dust.

6 thoughts on “Abandon in place

  1. Rocket science says:

    ● (3/7/20): NASA spent a decade and nearly $1 billion for a single launch tower
    “NASA exacerbated these issues by accepting unproven and untested designs.” https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/03/nasa-spent-a-decade-and-nearly-1-billion-for-a-single-launch-tower/
    The Mobile Launcher-1 supports the 355-foot-tall SLS [Space Launch System] rocket, provides access to the Orion spacecraft, and provides power, communications, coolant, and fuel to the rocket.
    Figure ML-1 Structure, Umbilical and Accessories (click to enlarge)

    ● “NASA’s Absurdly Expensive SLS Megarocket Is Broken Again” https://futurism.com/nasas-sls-broken-again
    ● “NASA has begun a study of the SLS rocket’s affordability” [Updated 3/15/21] https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/03/nasa-has-begun-a-study-of-the-sls-rockets-affordability/ “…the SLS rocket is expected to cost more than $2 billion per flight, and that is on top of the $20 billion NASA has already spent developing the vehicle and its ground systems. Some of the incoming officials do not believe the Artemis Moon Program is sustainable with such launch costs.”
    ● (12/20/21): “NASA’s SLS Rocket Just Got $3.2 Billion More Expensive” https://www.fool.com/investing/2021/12/20/nasas-sls-rocket-got-32-billion-more-expensive/

    • For perspective says:

      The U.S. 2022 defense budget allots $768.2 billion for national defense programs – about a 2% increase ($25 billion) from the Biden administration’s original request.
      $740 billion is budgeted for the Department of Defense and roughly $27.8 billion for the Department of Energy’s nuclear defense activities.
      In their fiscal year 2022 spending legislation, congressional appropriators followed the Biden administration’s request for NASA, proposing to increase the agency’s annual budget from $23.3 billion to about $25 billion.

  2. Time machine says:

    Los Angeles Vintage Room Abandon Place for TV and Film Production 13 (see photo) https://www.peerspace.com/pages/listings/5ba2e0957ba2cb0f0066ad9c
    “This Vintage Room is perfectly built for an old abandoned house look. Approximately 300 square feet with two small windows on one side, aged shelves on the back, and everything looks old and unorganized. This can be used for many possibilities. We have access to the roof outside of the window, easy to set up lights. It will create a stunning image with lights and frog machine.
    Our standing sets are built in June 2018 includes: courtroom, police station, jails, hospital, vault, classroom, living room, bedroom, casino poker room, kitchen, office and lots more.
    Most of our sets are pre-set dressed already. We want to save your time and art budget for your project.”

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