Sea Dragon, a very big Sea Dragon

The remains of a monstrous, 33-foot-long (10 meters) “sea dragon” that swam in the seas when dinosaurs were alive some 180 million years ago have been unearthed on a nature reserve in England. The behemoth is the biggest and most complete fossil of its kind ever discovered in the U.K.

“It is a truly unprecedented discovery and one of the greatest finds in British palaeontological history,” excavation leader Dean Lomax, a paleontologist and visiting scientist at the University of Manchester…

Spend your recreation time at a nature reserve. Never can tell what you might find, eh? The two men who found this were out walking in the nature reserve…turned off-trail through the bottom of a drained lagoon. And there it was.

Fire-resistant is always better

Adapted from an article by Kim Shanahan

The first surprise I encountered as a very green carpenter coming to Santa Fe 35 years ago was that all the cubical brown buildings were not made of adobe…

Many who wash up onto our foothills from other lands encounter the same shocking reality. It’s faux adobe! It’s a “Fanta Se” adobe Disneyland! It’s architecturally redundant and boring!

It is also what might keep us from becoming the next Boulder County, Colo., as the drying West continues to burn

It’s doubtful any building type could withstand that recent [Boulder County] conflagration, but some types are more resilient, like what we build in Santa Fe.

Cement-based stucco is as fire-resistant as anything. Resistance is critical, which is why asbestos siding originally was considered the perfect material for the labs and houses of Los Alamos. Our flat roofs are not as resistant as pitched metal roofs, but it is no accident Northern New Mexicans adopted corrugated steel as soon as railroads made it cheap and available…

Other modern building science principles and local building codes help make Santa Fe homes fire-resistant…In the aftermath of the Cerro Grande Fire more than 20 years ago, new Los Alamos County building codes taught us how to build in forests. Boulder County shows it’s appropriate everywhere. Indoor sprinklers do nothing against flames outside our doors, but fake adobe walls may hold up very well indeed.

Over the decade or so I worked for a sub-contractor selling to contractors mostly in Santa Fe and Los Alamos counties, Kim Shanahan was always a favorite visit. Bright, well-educated, committed to modern design requirements. This article is typically forward-looking. Hopefully, useful to folks building anywhere there may be increased fire danger.

Congress-Crooks Meeting to Edit Their Lies

The House Ethics Committee…..among others…..will be meeting today to exchange lies about how they are concerned about members of Congress using their positions for insider trading. Profiting in investments while writing the regulations governing those investments.

Jonathan Ferro and the crew at Bloomberg Surveillance chuckled over this hypocrisy, this morning. Probably every Congress-pimp you see on TV today will have their own media crew recording for posterity – and raw footage to use in campaign advertising for mid-term elections.

Ear plugs will serve you better than a grain of salt.

Raise the price for those who still won’t get vaxxed

‘The responsible majority of citizens are fed up to their locked-down ears with the anti-vax tail wagging the dog.’

Christian Dubé

Reason hasn’t worked. Statistics haven’t worked. Pleading, begging, scolding and shaming haven’t worked.

Those refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 are doing great harm to the majority of responsible citizens, to Canada’s health-care system, to the overburdened men and women who work in it.

It is their irresponsibility that is largely to blame for the restraints under which Canadians are currently required to live.

It is no surprise, then, and largely to be applauded, that exasperated jurisdictions from Quebec to countries in Europe have opted to raise the cost of demonstrably anti-social behaviour.

In Quebec, the province’s health minister Christian Dubé announced this past week that, as of Jan. 18, Quebecers will have to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to access provincial liquor and cannabis stores.

Excerpted from a statement by the Editorial Board of the Toronto STAR.