Raise the price for those who still won’t get vaxxed

‘The responsible majority of citizens are fed up to their locked-down ears with the anti-vax tail wagging the dog.’

Christian Dubé

Reason hasn’t worked. Statistics haven’t worked. Pleading, begging, scolding and shaming haven’t worked.

Those refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 are doing great harm to the majority of responsible citizens, to Canada’s health-care system, to the overburdened men and women who work in it.

It is their irresponsibility that is largely to blame for the restraints under which Canadians are currently required to live.

It is no surprise, then, and largely to be applauded, that exasperated jurisdictions from Quebec to countries in Europe have opted to raise the cost of demonstrably anti-social behaviour.

In Quebec, the province’s health minister Christian Dubé announced this past week that, as of Jan. 18, Quebecers will have to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to access provincial liquor and cannabis stores.

Excerpted from a statement by the Editorial Board of the Toronto STAR.

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