Space Force just launched satellites that will snoop around other satellites

Space Force launched two additional satellites today as part of its push for greater Space Domain Awareness\, or SDA, in geosynchronous orbit some 22,000 miles away from Earth. The two satellites are part of the Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program, or GSSAP, and will allow Space Force to not only locate and identify objects in this distant orbit, but also maneuver close to them in order to inspect them or assess their capabilities. The launch comes as Space Force leadership continues to sound the alarm about the risks posed to U.S. satellites in orbit…

First response? A bullshit article. This means the spooks in NASA, US military, have already been doing this a half-dozen years or more.

GSSAP-5 and GSSAP-6 were originally scheduled to be launched in 2020, and it is not known why the launch was delayed almost two years. The GSSAP program was originally highly classified and was only revealed to the public in 2014. While the exact capabilities of the satellites are not public, it’s known that they are able to capture close-up images of other satellites in geosynchronous orbit. Former Commander of Air Force Space Command Gen. William Shelton (Ret.) told Aviation Week in 2014 that the satellites are designed to drift in and out of the geosynchronous belt collecting intelligence on specific targets.

So, update my first response. The Galactic Eagles of Space Force admitted to this program in 2014! That means (to me) they’ve prolly been at it since 2008. They ain’t saying their shit don’t stink. They’re just lying about when they took their first crap in space.

6 thoughts on “Space Force just launched satellites that will snoop around other satellites

  1. p/s says:

    Dr. Robert H. Goddard works with his team at his lab in Roswell New Mexico. From 1930 to 1932 and from 1934 to 1941, Dr. Goddard conducted research in which he and his staff pioneered many of the techniques used in today’s rockets.

  2. Plan 9 says:

    “United States commits to ending “reckless” anti-satellite missile testing
    Will other nations with such weapons, including China and Russia, follow suit?”
    The United States will no longer conduct anti-satellite tests, Vice President Kamala Harris announced Monday. With this declaration, the country seeks to establish a new norm for responsible behavior in space.
    “We have consistently condemned these tests and called them reckless, but that is not enough,” Harris said. “Today we are going further. I am pleased to announce that as of today, the United States commits not to conduct destructive direct-ascent anti-satellite missile testing. Simply put: These tests are dangerous, and we will not conduct them. We are the first nation to make such a commitment. And I call on all nations to join us.”

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