Both groups have “God on their side”

The weekend began with the March for Life. It ended with a march for death.

Anti-vaccine activists decided to piggyback on Friday’s annual antiabortion march in the capital by having a “Defeat the Mandates” rally on Sunday. Combined, the two groups of (mostly) conservative activists engaged in a demonstration of mass inconsistency.

Friday’s crowd endorsed the most obtrusive of big-government mandates, laws telling women they can’t make their own reproductive decisions. Sunday’s argued that health decisions must be made by patient and doctor, not government.

Friday’s crowd pleaded for the lives of the most vulnerable. Sunday’s demanded the right to infect the most vulnerable by eschewing vaccines and masks in shared spaces.

…And yet both movements claim to be operating under the authority of “God’s mandate” and “God’s law,” as the anti-vaccine speakers repeatedly put it. God works in mysterious ways, indeed.

Joanie’s rendition of Dylan’s song couldn’t be more timely, eh?

RTFA…it’s by Dana Milbank. One of America’s best journalists for a long time.

I hope those of you whose personal philosophy includes some critter in the sky aren’t offended by irony. Not my problem. Figured out I knew enough 70 years ago to come down on the side of science. Never been a problem since.

Eta Carinae’s epic supernova

The video shows the famous explosion in the Eta Carinae star system that briefly made it the brightest object in the sky in the year 1843. More than 170 years later, the two lobes of the nova are still expanding into space, providing a rich trove of data to gather…

Eta Carinae shines brightly in the infrared, and one of its larger “space environment” implications is how it affects the Carina Nebula in which the exploding object resides, NASA noted. Spitzer’s archival data was especially helpful in looking through the dust that would obscure our view of the star in visible wavelengths…

Beautiful beautiful, beautiful…