3 thoughts on “The Writing’s on the Wall…

  1. BrVEnuword says:

    Bot-Generated Shooting Threats Are Terrorizing Schools https://www.vice.com/en/article/epxmg4/bot-generated-shooting-threats-are-terrorizing-schools
    Parents of students at the Brooklyn Friends School (BFS) in Park Slope, Brooklyn received a chilling letter Wednesday morning from Head of School Crissy Cáceres‎ warning of a threat to the school. The same letter, however, told parents that the threat was fake, part of what NYPD and the FBI believed was an automated attack sent by a bot farm somewhere in Russia or Ukraine.
    …There’s been a wave of threats across the country the past week. In D.C., five public and charter schools have evacuated three times this week after receiving bomb threats. Historically black colleges have also been threatened, as well as four high schools in Prince Goerge’s County. Police in D.C. have arrested a 16 year old suspect on suspicion of making some of these threats. Vice Presidential Husband Doug Emhoff was visiting one of the schools in D.C. when it was forced to evacuate.

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