Politics and the pandemic make public schools a rightwing target

Seth Wenig/AP

For public schools, the numbers are all going in the wrong direction. Enrollment is down. Absenteeism is up. There aren’t enough teachers, substitutes or bus drivers. Each phase of the pandemic brings new logistics to manage, and Republicans are planning political campaigns this year aimed squarely at failings of public schools.

Public education is facing a crisis unlike anything in decades, and it reaches into almost everything that educators do: from teaching math, to counseling anxious children, to managing the building.

Political battles are now a central feature of education, leaving school boards, educators and students in the crosshairs of culture warriors. Schools are on the defensive about their pandemic decision-making, their curriculums, their policies regarding race and racial equity and even the contents of their libraries. Republicans — who see education as a winning political issue — are pressing their case for more “parental control,” or the right to second-guess educators’ choices. Meanwhile, an energized school choice movement has capitalized on the pandemic to promote alternatives to traditional public schools.

Whether parents understand the difference, the school choice movement sounds to most like a repeat of the “choice” fiasco that followed schools desegregation after BROWN VS BOARD OF EDUCATION at the Supreme Court.

The US public school system was a beacon for much of the world for decades. Failures and diminished accomplishments are as much a product of deliberate sabotage as accidents happening on their own IMHO. Growing an effort equivalent to those who would runaway from guaranteed public access can rescue public school systems in trouble. This requires working with politicians or moving them out of the way…depending upon circumstances.

9 thoughts on “Politics and the pandemic make public schools a rightwing target

  1. Mark says:

    The cultural revolutionaries in schools and universities just want to burn society to the ground with their pseudo-intellectual Maoist claptrap, and the majority of academics and educators are understandably afraid to stand up to them. Covid closures of schools driven by the same woke arseholes, despite ample evidence to the contrary, was the crap icing on a shitty cake. Suicide rates amongst kids are at astronomical levels, as is drug abuse and depression. Great outcome fuckheads.

    I cant believe I’m saying this but ‘wont SOMEONE think of the children’. If the kids come for us in the night and murder all the adults where we sleep I wouldn’t blame them.

  2. Santayana says:

    Schools under siege https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-education-threats/
    School board members across the United States have endured a rash of terroristic threats and hostile messages ignited by roiling controversies over policies on curtailing the coronavirus, bathroom access for transgender students and the teaching of America’s racial history.
    While school controversies are traditionally local, these threats often come from people out of state with no connection to the districts involved. They are part of a rising national wave of threats to public officials – including election officials and members of Congress – citing an array of grievances, often underpinned by apocalyptic conspiracy theories alleging “treason” or “tyranny.”
    The wave of mostly anonymous threats has emerged against a backdrop of public protests by a new constellation of local and national activist groups, such as Moms for Liberty, No Left Turn in Education and Parents Defending Education. Parents started some groups. Others have ties to veterans of the conservative movement or Republican political operatives.

  3. Money talks says:

    The more than $1.9 million effort that ousted three San Francisco School Board members from their positions Tuesday was funded in large part by Silicon Valley-area billionaires, records show.
    According to publicly available information, the recall effort’s three biggest donors were “Neighbors for a Better San Francisco Advocacy,” a political action committee that has previously been funded by Silicon Valley-area tech investors and philanthropists; Arthur Rock, a 95-year-old billionaire who was an early investor in Intel and Apple; and David O. Sacks, a San Francisco-based tech investor and former chief operating officer at PayPal.
    Neighbors for a Better San Francisco Advocacy put $468,800 into the push, Rock gave $399,500 and Sacks contributed $74,500, according to San Francisco Ethics Commission data. https://www.cnn.com/2022/02/17/politics/san-francisco-school-board-recall-election-funding-billionaires/index.html

  4. legacy says:

    Japanese ying yang rife across schooling levels at home, dark set and eye killing off the worlds future! Warlocks methods and a few linguistics spring to mind – good dark knowledge schooling those who sat behind the curtains and aimed irrelevantly! “no respect for life= no life (illegal applicators they take their own in the end)

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