CNN loves being a Cold Warrior

No doubt they’re battling it out with Fox Noise. Since I wouldn’t care to get the slime from Rupert’s private network on my screen – and have to scrub it off later with some spare electrons I keep on a rag in a bucket – I never watch that lot. At least not the creeps and cretins in the dungeon they label as news. Prolly a few hours a year when there’s a sports event I want to watch badly enough I have to switch to that shiny, unused contact on my channel selector.

But, CNN is who I start off with on the admittedly short attention span I reserve for network news. Most often, I’m offended by crqp writing and even worse content quickly enough to move on to MSNBC within a minute or two. Same there. On to CBSNews which is often good for five or ten minutes before a descent into banality.

Then, on to Bloomberg. Not many traditional news sources over there; but, since their customer base requires accuracy for investment considerations, they don’t wander off into the level of Cold War racism and lies common to commercial claptrap. That’s proven profitable for me, too, since I manage my own retirement account. I get to fiddle around, albeit rarely, with where my small lifetime pot of savings is invested. I’ve made it grow modestly over time. Sufficiently, in fact, to where it holds more than I need. That is until one of the deathly illnesses of aging in Amerika catches up with me and the medical/industrial complex sucks me dry before I die.

The Cherokee Nation is offering rebates to film in Oklahoma

Filming “Killers of the Flower Moon” in the Cherokee Nation

Native Americans have been depicted in film since the earliest days of Hollywood, but often in ways that pushed negative and offensive stereotypes…

Now, Native American tribes are working to expand their role in film and TV production to help revitalize and diversify their lands’ economies, as well as improve representation of Indigenous people onscreen…

While some states have included diversity as part of the qualifications for their production tax incentives, last week the Cherokee Nation went a step further, introducing what it said was the first film incentive offered by a Native American tribe — a cash rebate of up to 25% — to filmmakers who shoot on its land. The credit is in addition to Oklahoma’s existing film tax credit.

“Helping an industry get introduced to the region and to [get] a foothold is important,” said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. “Those are all great opportunities for our people and really just to generate some economic vitality in an area that could use it.”

Overdue in so many ways. Not only from the side of the Cherokee Nation and the state of Oklahoma; but, from Hollywood and the film industry.

Big-hearted USPS wanted 10% of New Mail Trucks to be Electric

How about 100%?

Upgrading the U.S. Postal Service’s truck fleet has been a long and controversial process, and we’re not done yet. As a quick recap, the USPS started looking for replacements for 150,000 or so Grumman Long Life Vehicles (LLVs) in around 2015. For a while, it looked like the new fleet might be made up of mostly electric vehicles, but when the contract for the new mail trucks was awarded to Oshkosh Defense in the spring of 2021, the USPS said only 10 percent of the new mail trucks might be electric. One of the contenders for an electric truck, Workhorse, sued the USPS last summer over the deal.

Now the government is asking the USPS to pause on the $11.3 billion contract and reconsider the gas-powered truck purchases in the face of climate damage.

The Biden administration and the EPA told the USPS, which operates independent of the executive branch, that the new Oshkosh trucks are just 0.4 mile per gallon more efficient compared to the outgoing LLVs—8.6 mpg versus 8.2 mpg for the older vehicles. It also said that the Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) the USPS conducted as it decided where to award the contract were not conducted correctly.

The EPA sent a letter to the USPS yesterday that said that the whole reason to buy new mail trucks was to make them cleaner, better, and safer…and that “the final EIS remains seriously deficient.”

“Deficient” is probably an accurate characterization of the technical understanding of the USPS officials making the original decisions for another ICE vehicle that only improved mileage 0.4 mpg. EV is the way to go, folks. Hybrid or full-boat EV.