CNN loves being a Cold Warrior

No doubt they’re battling it out with Fox Noise. Since I wouldn’t care to get the slime from Rupert’s private network on my screen – and have to scrub it off later with some spare electrons I keep on a rag in a bucket – I never watch that lot. At least not the creeps and cretins in the dungeon they label as news. Prolly a few hours a year when there’s a sports event I want to watch badly enough I have to switch to that shiny, unused contact on my channel selector.

But, CNN is who I start off with on the admittedly short attention span I reserve for network news. Most often, I’m offended by crqp writing and even worse content quickly enough to move on to MSNBC within a minute or two. Same there. On to CBSNews which is often good for five or ten minutes before a descent into banality.

Then, on to Bloomberg. Not many traditional news sources over there; but, since their customer base requires accuracy for investment considerations, they don’t wander off into the level of Cold War racism and lies common to commercial claptrap. That’s proven profitable for me, too, since I manage my own retirement account. I get to fiddle around, albeit rarely, with where my small lifetime pot of savings is invested. I’ve made it grow modestly over time. Sufficiently, in fact, to where it holds more than I need. That is until one of the deathly illnesses of aging in Amerika catches up with me and the medical/industrial complex sucks me dry before I die.

2 thoughts on “CNN loves being a Cold Warrior

  1. Bygones says:

    “CNN’s collapse is now complete” By Joe Concha
    “…Moving forward, what’s next for CNN when the company falls under the Discovery Channel umbrella later this year? Let’s hear from its soon-to-be largest shareholder, John Malone of Liberty Media.” [Liberty Media: ]
    p/s: In addition to his work for The Hill, Joe is frequently seen on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Channel shows. His radio work includes guest-hosting for Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

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