Trump Supremes continue their racist “mission” to destroy voting rights

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled Alabama’s controversial new congressional maps could stay in place while it reviews a legal challenge, overruling a lower court that had ordered the state to redraw its districts in order to give Black voters better representation…

In a concurring opinion, Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote that the court’s stay will allow the justices to fully hear the case, pushing back the dissenters’ criticism that the majority was making a sweeping ruling to gut voting rights without a full briefing from the parties…

Justice Elena Kagan wrote in a dissenting opinion that the majority’s ruling undermines careful consideration applied by the judges below.

“It does a disservice to the District Court, which meticulously applied this Court’s longstanding voting-rights precedent. And most of all, it does a disservice to Black Alabamians who under that precedent have had their electoral power diminished—in violation of a law this Court once knew to buttress all of American democracy,” Kagan wrote in the opinion, which was joined by the other two liberal justices.

I hope none of this surprises any Americans who thought Trump was sensible enough to stay away from reconstructing the Republican Party in the image of George Wallace, the KKK, and other “favorite” racist campaigns in the history of American politics.

Just another page in the Fascist Coloring Book.

One thought on “Trump Supremes continue their racist “mission” to destroy voting rights

  1. Reality show says:

    “A contentious decision from the US Supreme Court in a Voting Rights Act case from Alabama this week previewed what could be a momentous legal battle over the 1965 law, which over the past several years has been repeatedly whittled down by the conservative justices.
    After lower courts ordered Alabama to redraw a congressional map that they found diluted the strength of Black voters, the state turned to the Supreme Court with aggressive arguments about the reach of the historic law. Alabama secured a 5-4 ruling on Monday night that will reinstate the disputed map for this year’s election.
    The assertions by Alabama about the role race should play in redistricting are just one of several claims being made by states defending their maps in court that would scale back the scope of the Voting Rights Act — as Republican-controlled states move to adopt new voting restrictions in key battlegrounds. Some of the GOP states’ arguments appear to go beyond even what a 6-3 conservative court would be willing to sanction.
    At stake is the role that a provision of the law known as Section 2 will play in combating racially discriminatory maps going forward. The provision prohibits voting procedures “not equally open to participation by members” of a protected class, like racial minorities, and it has been used to strike down maps said to dilute the power of voters of colors. In response to lawsuits filed in various GOP-led states challenging their maps under Section 2, the states have made a litany of arguments that would limit the use of the Voting Rights Act in redistricting cases.”

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