Watching Super Bowl, today?

I may not. I get so pissed off at cheapskate American networks…like NBC-bloody-SN. They won the contract for the game and have announced they’ll be offering the telecast in HD only. No 4K! I can only assume that cost is their excuse. I don’t think phase of the moon or tide charts is relevant.

Meanwhile, I was up at 5AM, this morning, watching Sheffield Wednesday vs Rotherham United…a match in the English Football League One…two divisions down from the top league and teams in proper English Football…in 4K.

Courtesy of Sky Sports and ESPN.

Nice hardfought match. Rainy, cold, brave match. Rotherham won, 2 – nil. A clean sheet for their keeper and team. Beautiful, sharp picture. Truly enjoyable on a Sunday morning…courtesy of Xfinity/Comcast, AppleTV, Sony – providing access in my living room, today.

NBCSN can take it and work it!

PFAS contamination in the GOUSA

The number of U.S. communities confirmed to be contaminated with the highly toxic fluorinated compounds known as PFAS continues to grow at an alarming rate. As of August 2021, 2,854 locations in 50 states and two territories are known to be contaminated…

Information about sites newly added to the map comes from various PFAS detections reported to government agencies in Colorado, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and other states, as well as updated records from the Department of “Defense”.

The Environmental Protection Agency has known about the health hazards of PFAS for decades but has failed to limit PFAS discharges into the air and water or set cleanup standards…

EPA added 175 PFAS to the Toxics Release Inventory, or TRI, in response to a congressional mandate. A listing in the TRI requires facilities to report releases of those PFAS into the environment. But many manufacturers appear to be taking advantage of a loophole to evade reporting requirements.

In October, the EPA released a PFAS Strategic Roadmap that includes accelerating efforts to set a national drinking water standard for PFOA and PFOS by 2023.

So, after decades of tracking contamination, polluted drinking water…we’re getting a road map, maybe, in another year. Whoopee!

Please use the map in this article to see what things look like in your neck of the prairie. If you get a pop-up while using the map, refresh the page. That usually cleans it up.