100 years ago, Mississippi’s Senate voted to send all the state’s Black people to Africa

One hundred years ago, the Mississippi state Senate voted to evict the state’s Black residents — the majority of its total population — not just out of Mississippi, but out of the country.

The Senate voted 25 to 9 on Feb. 20, 1922, to ask the federal government to trade some of the World War I debts owed by European countries for a piece of colonial Africa — any part would do — where the government would then ship Mississippi’s Black residents, creating “a final home for the American negro.”

The act is a reminder of just how long after the end of slavery some White Southerners were pushing not just to strip African Americans of their political rights but also to remove them from the land of their birth

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 21 was written by Sen. Torrey George McCallum, a former mayor of Laurel in Jones County. The county has achieved some measure of Hollywood fame as the “Free State of Jones,” a pocket of Unionist sentiment during the Civil War, but the McCallums were deeply engaged in the institution of slavery. Torrey’s grandfather Archibald enslaved 51 people on his plantation in 1860 and had a net worth of $80,000, about $2.5 million today…

His resolution argued in flowery language that “the spirit of race consciousness” had grown with a postwar increase in nationalistic feelings worldwide and that it was “our most earnest desire to reach a just, fair, amicable, and final settlement” to what some White people then called “the Negro question.”

I can’t know exactly how such a vote would total out, nowadays. Been a few decades since I’ve been in Mississippi; but, this crap still would have passed, then. I think it would pass, now. And this kind of racism isn’t limited to one state, just one piece of our nation’s history.

A year of Biden crying about an “imminent” wolf!

On Groundhog Day, February 2nd 2021, Biden said he’d stop his blather about an ‘imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine“.

TOPLINE White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday said the Biden Administration is no longer referring to a Russian invasion of Ukraine as “imminent,” saying it “sent a message that we weren’t intending to send” after Ukrainian officials blasted the White House for promoting what it claims is unnecessary alarm.

KEY FACTS Psaki said at a press briefing the wording may have caused confusion since it suggested Russian President Vladimir Putin had already decided to invade and military action was simply a matter of timing.

Though it is not clear if Putin has decided one way or the other, Psaki said the White House still believes “he could invade at any time.”

Ukrainian officials have repeatedly said the American government is overreacting to the threat so far, including its decision to evacuate nonemergency diplomatic employees from Ukraine last month.

Biden waited several days, then, resumed his threat of imminent war. I figured since we’re celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Biden’s fear-mongering, I’d wander back a year just to remind folks how long this has been “imminent”.

I have no access to any super reporting in Europe or the US that tells me when and/or if Putin is nutso enough to want to squash Ukraine to keep them from tying up with NATO. Nor, do I have any source that can verify Biden has offered the keys to the White House safe to Ukraine officials to get them to stop pointing out – at least to American reporters – that they ain’t worried; so, would he please shut up!

But, it’s been a year of “IMMINENT!”, Joe. Pick a new word, will you?