Neil Cavuto on vaccination — Saved the Fox anchor’s life

Neil Cavuto — Steven Ferdman/Getty

The Fox anchor Neil Cavuto returned to the air on Monday, to say he nearly died from a second bout with the coronavirus and to tell detractors including those who sent death threats over his support for vaccines: “So sorry to disappoint you.”…

Fox has strict vaccination requirements for staff. But hosts, prominently including Tucker Carlson, have spread misinformation about vaccines and resistance to Covid-19 public health measures including vaccination mandates.

Cavuto is immunocompromised, with multiple sclerosis and having survived heart surgery and cancer…

Some viewers did not stop the politics. Cavuto revealed that he received disturbing messages, including death threats…

Cavuto also said: “Let me be clear: doctors say had I not been vaccinated at all, I wouldn’t be here.

Sadly, there are lots of conservatives who reject science whenever they see a conflict with their politics. Even if it may lead to their own death, endanger their loved ones.

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