On average, dealers added $728 to every new car’s MSRP in 2021

Over $17,000 added above MSRP!

The bottom line is the bottom line, so the Cadillac Escalade is the hottest new vehicle on the U.S. market. According to research from Edmunds, the average transaction price (ATP) for Caddy’s big, big SUV is an astonishing $106,226—which is $3169 over the average Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $103,057. And for the longer wheelbase Escalade ESV that ATP number jumps to a mind-boggling $120,340 on an average MSRP of $103,143. That’s $17,197 over sticker—and every penny of that is pure dealer mark-up…

That mania for the fifth-generation Escalade has put the brand atop Edmunds’ list for vehicle transactions over MSRP. According to that list, Cadillacs had an average MSRP of $76,914 and an ATP of $80,962 in 2021. That’s an average of $4048 above suggested retail—just about a five-percent bump. Since this figure is sales-weighted, most of that thick number comes straight from Escalade sales…

In all, according to the survey, the average new vehicle has an MSRP of $44,989 and an ATP of $45,717. That’s about a two-percent premium, and an average of $728 that dealers are adding on every sale in pure profit. Dealers, it’s rumored, like money.

The quest for scarce goods still operates in the world marketplace. And here in the GOUSA, beyond my comprehension, the best example of that is the Caddy Escalade.

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