We embrace world class…hypocrisy!

Thanks, gocomics.com

I’ve spent most years of my life marching on the streets of protest against injustice. Opposing racism, sexism, class exploitation…opposing imperial nations; but, circumstances pretty much guaranteed most of the time I had to deal with the GOUSA. Our press, our politicians, rarely speak out unless the guilty party is a furriner. Even among the cartoonists whose commentary I post here daily, only Ted Rail has stood up straight and strong.

If the crocodile tears for Ukraine were to wash away the names of all those nations on the cell wall, I need only write one to remind my peers of our history: VIETNAM.

3 thoughts on “We embrace world class…hypocrisy!

  1. The Base™️ says:

    “It strains memory now to recall that when Donald Trump first shoved his way into presidential politics seven years ago this spring, and soon after humiliated a long parade of establishment Republicans, his appeal to voters had a coherent dimension.
    That is, it was based on a sustained argument that many Americans regarded as credible. The most powerful part of that argument was about the nature of establishment politics in both parties: It was the province of weak and contemptible people. Conventional politicians were calculating, careerist, cowardly — willing to sacrifice principle and the interests of ordinary Americans to suit their own interests. In short, the problem with American politics was that it was dominated by phonies.” https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2022/03/24/trump-losing-gop-00019941

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