What is this good for … if you’re not a braindead, racist “patriot”?

Too many tears, this morning. Too many memories. I woke up with Edwin Starr’s voice in my mind.

BITD, when I was singing pretty much fulltime, I performed many anti-war songs. Never tried this one on simply because after Edwin Starr’s performances, no one else could touch it.

I just wanted to remind holier-than-thou Americans where we come from as a nation. We’ve already waltzed away from the conscience that grew from our murderous war in VietNam. Maybe a touch remains inside the few folks who understand history lessons and politics. Damned few, as far as I can see.

Teacher attacked, hospitalized, for the 3rd time – by the same 5-year-old!

Trisha Meadows

A South Florida elementary school teacher who had to be hospitalized after she was attacked by a 5-year-old student in her classroom was so severely injured, she had to be intubated and will need surgery, her union says…

According to the police report, “The incident began when two students in the classroom, 4 and 5 years old, began throwing things around the classroom and at the teachers along with flipping the chairs.”

Several faculty members split up the students, and teacher Trisha Meadows brought the 5-year-old into another room.

That’s when the boy attacked Meadows, Broward Teachers Union President Ana Fusco says…”He actually ran and attacked and jumped on her with his whole body weight. She fell and hit her head, which caused the severe injury and other bodily injuries where she is going to need surgery…”

Fusco said Meadows has been attacked three separate times by the child, and has had to be hospitalized each time.

Yes, I realize a child this young can’t be arrested, Not old enough to be judged responsible. And maybe he knows that. I also realize school is where some working families warehouse their kids while they’re at work. That may be all they can afford. I have no idea of the full context of this recurrent disaster. Recurrent or not, 5 years old or 15. The school system has an equal responsibility to protect the well-being of faculty as to the students.

Which doesn’t appear to be happening in Pines Lake Elementary.

First Capitol Rioter to Take His Case to Trial – Found Guilty of All Charges

Hundreds of people have been charged for their role in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. So far, Guy Reffitt, a 49-year-old from Wylie, Texas, is the only defendant to actually take his case to trial.

It didn’t go so well. The trial began last week and a jury returned a verdict on Tuesday morning, finding Reffitt guilty on all five charges stemming from his role in the insurrection.

The verdict was not surprising. The prosecution was sitting on a mound of evidence against Reffitt, who attempted to break into the Capitol with a gun and zip ties but never actually made it into the building.

Reffitt recorded videos before the riot in which he lays out his plans. “I’m taking the Capitol with everyone else,” he says in one of them. “I think we have the numbers to make it happen.”

Reffitt also bragged to a group of Three Percenters, a far-right militia to which he belongs, in a post-riot Zoom call that he fired up the crowd as it stormed the Capitol. Additional video shows Reffitt using a megaphone to rally other rioters up the steps of the Capitol.

I don’t know how often it happens. Probably not often enough. But, Reffitt’s politics moved so dramatically to the Fascist-side of Right, that even his son who considers himself a traditional American conservative…testified against him.