Teacher attacked, hospitalized, for the 3rd time – by the same 5-year-old!

Trisha Meadows

A South Florida elementary school teacher who had to be hospitalized after she was attacked by a 5-year-old student in her classroom was so severely injured, she had to be intubated and will need surgery, her union says…

According to the police report, “The incident began when two students in the classroom, 4 and 5 years old, began throwing things around the classroom and at the teachers along with flipping the chairs.”

Several faculty members split up the students, and teacher Trisha Meadows brought the 5-year-old into another room.

That’s when the boy attacked Meadows, Broward Teachers Union President Ana Fusco says…”He actually ran and attacked and jumped on her with his whole body weight. She fell and hit her head, which caused the severe injury and other bodily injuries where she is going to need surgery…”

Fusco said Meadows has been attacked three separate times by the child, and has had to be hospitalized each time.

Yes, I realize a child this young can’t be arrested, Not old enough to be judged responsible. And maybe he knows that. I also realize school is where some working families warehouse their kids while they’re at work. That may be all they can afford. I have no idea of the full context of this recurrent disaster. Recurrent or not, 5 years old or 15. The school system has an equal responsibility to protect the well-being of faculty as to the students.

Which doesn’t appear to be happening in Pines Lake Elementary.

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