El Cheapo Trumpo wants his fans to buy him an airplane

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For a billionaire, Donald Trump sure is cheap. First, he got a donor to loan him a private plane on Saturday to fly him from New Orleans to Mar-a-Lago in Florida. And when the plane lost an engine mid-flight shortly after takeoff and was forced to return him to Louisiana, he finagled another private freebie flight from a different donor, according to The Washington Post.

After that inconvenient experience, which delayed his return home — not to his own private mansion, but to his freebie rooms at Mar-a-Lago — he’s got his eye on a shiny new “Trump Force One.” But, of course, not one to part with his stagnant — if not dwindling — monies — he’s now fundraising in hopes that his blind supporters will foot the bill.

From Huff Post:

Former President Donald Trump appears to be fundraising for a new plane after his private jet made an emergency landing over the weekend.

Trump’s Save America PAC sent an email on Wednesday titled “Update: Trump Force One” that discussed the construction of a new plane, several news outlets reported. …

“I have a very important update on my plane, but I need to trust that you won’t share it with anyone,” wrote Trump in the email, according to Newsweek. “My team is building a BRAND NEW Trump Force One.”

“The construction of this plane has been under wraps — not even the fake news media knows about it — and I can’t wait to unveil it for everyone to see,” it continued.

The email reportedly allowed recipients to “see” the new plane if they clicked an embedded link. The link actually directed to a donation page with the option to give between $5 and $2,000 to the Save America JFC PAC.

And the punchline is, Trump’s fans never do get to see a photo of his coveted “Trump Force One” as teased, according to Newsweek — the donation plea is as exciting as it gets.

Nothing new about gullible Americans giving their hard-earned dollars to creeps. From half-baked preachers to political phonies, Americans line up to fork it over. Been doing it for generations. Must be a special “stupid” gene that keeps folks at it.

US Navy refuses to deploy warship with unvaccinated Commanding Officer

An Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer

The U.S. Navy is refusing to deploy a destroyer while its commanding officer, who they cannot remove due to a court decision, is not vaccinated against COVID-19 despite the service’s vaccine mandate rules.

The unnamed destroyer captain is one of several service members involved in a lawsuit challenging the military-wide vaccine mandate and requesting they be granted religious exemptions to the mandate. Last month federal judge Steven D. Merryday granted the captain and a U.S. Marine officer a preliminary injunction, temporarily barring their respective services from taking any punitive action while their lawsuit continues. Unable to remove the captain, now the Navy is arguing that Merryday’s decision has sidelined the warship based out of Norfolk, Va.

Merryday’s injunction prevents the service from removing the destroyer commander from his post on the warship and replacing him. Until the lawsuit is ultimately resolved or the Navy allows the destroyer to deploy with its current commanding officer, the warship is stuck.

The most fitting commentary on this situation I’ve heard, so far, was “HAR!”