3 thoughts on “Gotcha!

  1. HAR says:

    As Canadian protests against vaccine mandates rose to become a cause célèbre, millions of dollars in donations flew to a Christian crowdfunding site. But that site got hacked and also had to freeze millions of dollars meant for the self-styled “freedom convoy,” after the government enacted the Emergencies Act to cut off protesters from the financial system. https://www.vice.com/en/article/jgmnpd/the-freedom-convoy-bitcoin-donations-have-been-frozen-and-seized

  2. Getcha says:

    Local residents in Oakland, Calif., egged a “People’s Convoy” trucking protest on Friday as the truckers passed through the city to protest a state politician’s support of an abortion rights bill and a bill that would require businesses to implement mask mandates, videos shared online show.
    Footage shows people blocking streets that the protesters were trying to go through and throwing eggs at trucks. In one video, posted on YouTube by Rise Images, a protester is seen exiting his vehicle to confront the residents who were egging the convoy group.
    Another video posted on Twitter by Ron Filipkowski, a lawyer and former Gov. DeSantis (R-Fla.) appointee to the 12th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission, shows vehicles in the “People’s Convoy” being hit by eggs thrown by local teenagers and young adults.
    The trucker’s convoy group targeted Democratic California state Rep. Buffy Wicks, apparently over two bills she has proposed, convening outside of her home and demanding she exit.
    The bills proposed by Wicks would end the requirement for coroner investigations into stillbirths and require businesses in the state to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for employees, The San Francisco Chronicle reported. https://thehill.com/news/state-watch/3463590-protesters-egg-peoples-convoy-in-oakland/

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